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Receptive Language Skills Program

Interactive Software for Listening Delays

receptive language disorderReceptive language disorder (or impairment) is most often a language processing issue, not a physical hearing impediment. It is like listening to sound through water.  It requires immense concentration just to make out the words, let alone comprehend meaning.

While speech delays can be the outward sign of a language difficulty, the listening delay is possibly more concerning as it impacts your child’s learning momentum. Therefore, treating the delays early and decisively is crucially important.

Receptive language disorder symptoms include:

  • Not seeming to listen when they are spoken to
  • Difficulty listening when there is background noise
  • Lack of interest when story books are being read to them
  • Inability to understand complicated sentences
  • Inability to follow verbal instructions
  • Language skills below the expected level for their age

Receptive Language Software Programs

Gemm Learning uses Fast ForWord software to help receptive language disorder. Our exercises build language processing speed and complexity at the student’s pace, with these primary goals:

Listening Accuracy
Improving accuracy helps turn “sound through water” into language that is easier to follow in conversation but enables  phonological awareness, sounding out words, for reading.

Listening Efficiency
Children learn the language through absorption. They listen to the language around them, think about the meaning, observe the sentence structure. Improved listening efficiency creates the extra capacity for children with receptive language delays to absorb language structure, vocabulary and other comprehension skills.

Cognitive Skill Practice
Almost all children with a receptive language impairment have weak working memory skills, mainly because muddy language input reduces the opportunity to practice retention while listening. Fast ForWord also specifically practices attention skills.

Receptive Language Delay/Impairment Success Stories

“We are delighted with the results so far. Simon is a different boy now…. He has improved in every aspect imaginable. His receptive language has improved immensely and his expressive language is getting better each day. We can now have a normal conversation and one which he will initiate. I don’t know what the future holds but I am thankful for the opportunity to use this wonderful product.”

“It is just amazing how much easier he seems to find following directions now. His vocabulary has grown in leaps and bounds in 1st grade and we are seeing much less resistance to reading. This program has helped our son turn the corner and I am far less worried about his future than I was before coming in.”