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Brain training when traditional test prep is not enough

For many students, high-stakes tests are impossible to pass. Their reading speed and test-taking skills let them down on test day, no matter how much test prep they do.

These students need something more than test prep. They need help with these fundamental test-taking skills.

We may have an answer. Our brain-training programs can rewire test taking and reading skills in as little as 2-3 months. Your child can make the most of his natural smarts and surprise everyone on test day. We know this because we hear from our parents often.

How It Works. After an assessment, Gemm Learning will develop a customized program that includes cognitive skills training, vocabulary and reading, customized to your test-taking needs. These are remedial reading and learning programs, customized for accelerating test-taking skills.

The program takes 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week, under the constant supervision of a Gemm Learning educator.
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The Opportunity Of Brain Plasticity

online SAT test prepThe principle of neuroplasticity holds that learning is not fixed, and we see this every day. Students are able to accelerate their learning, and in many cases, quite dramatically improve their test outcomes.

The window to rewire brain function remains open throughout life. The brain is just like a muscle — it will always respond to training.

How We Boost Scores

The secret sauce in our program is processing exercises that make reading and learning efficient by automating tasks, such as reading, which previously required some concentration. Here are our specific test skill targets:

  • Reading speed and comprehension. Fast and accurate decoding, and the ability to understand and draw inferences from the text are required competencies.
  • Processing efficiency. We can build processing speed and improve working memory to help avoid re-reading questions and to improve multiple choice efficiency.
  • Test taking stamina. Several exercises target attention stamina and reducing careless errors.
  • Thinking & Reasoning. Improved learning efficiency frees up capacity for gains in critical thinking skills, so important on test day.

While traditional test prep is incremental, our program aims to produce fundamental and dramatic change. You never know what is possible when a student is making the most of his natural smarts.
Comparison of Gemm to traditional Test Prep

The program is interactive and engaging, with a degree of challenge and intensity that most teenagers respond to with enthusiasm. It is only 30 minutes a day, at home, on your own schedule. We keep you informed with weekly progress updates.