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“My college age son has seen such gains from this program. He says he finds reading more comfortable and less exhausting. He has a heavy workload this semester and says this has made a huge difference to his college experience.

He texted me from a plane on his way back to college yesterday. He said he was too busy reading to talk!”

College Student

21 years old

“I find I can read for much longer periods than before Fast ForWord. Plus I don’t need to re-read pages. I used to read a page and then realize I did not take in a word. That does not happen anymore. I flew through books this summer, where before I struggled to get through one. Reading for pleasure is a marvelous new aspect to my life. Thank you.”

52 year old

“I am noticing a better memory, such as: Previously I would be at a loss for words whereas now, I find words coming. I also notice that when I speak I can hear myself better. The article stated that even for adults Fast Forward (sic) software slows the world down, making it more manageable. It brought tears to my eyes. I look forward everyday to my brain exercises! Thank you!”

Adult learner

“I have always struggled with reading all my life. When I see a sentence, it displays itself to me in short pieces which sometimes move backwards instead of forwards! I could never see an entire line of words. It’s been very frustrating and speed reading courses were of no help. At the age of 58, … I can, for the very first time, read entire sentences and lines on a page. This has changed my reading speed as well as my comprehension. The difference is absolutely amazing. Now I will always wonder how my life would be different today if I could have solved my reading problem in third or fourth grade instead of at age 58.”

Adult reader, 58 years old