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ffw research summary

“Blaise made first honors with a 95.6 average. He was nowhere with reading and struggling to follow instruction in class.

I remember our first conversation, hoping and praying for a miracle. We got it! Thank you!!!”

Barbara N.

Parent of 5th grader

After receiving the news that her daughter had improved 4.7 years in reading within one year, mom shared, “On the final report card for last year, she was up in every class and all her teachers noted enormous improvements in her academic abilities! There’s still room for growth, but it seems natural age and behavior type growth like focusing on the quality of our work not the speed.”
Alicia L.

Parent of 4th grader, struggling reader

 “This has been the best 9 weeks of Maleek’s academic life! He’s turning in assignments, he’s more confident on the basketball court and all his teachers are saying how they see maturity and growth they have never seen before. He had an A, four B’s and 2 C+’s on his most recent report card and is passing geometry for the first time ever!!!  This is the best academic report he has ever gotten.” 

Macia A.

Mother of 11th grader, multiple learning difficulties