Gemm Learning Demos

The Programs and Demos Are Organized By Age

Our interventions use game-like graphics that are age-appropriate. They use identical science but have slightly different pacing based on the age of the user.  Each demo page has a video and access to an interactive demo.

  • Language v2/ Foundations I for Elementary Age
    Suitable for some 5 year olds and most 6 year olds up to the age of 10. There are some 10 year olds that will work on our Literacy program (for middle school), while there are some 11 year olds that will work on Language v2.
    See elementary age demo
  • Literacy for Middle, High and Adult
    Some 4th graders and most 5th graders and older will work on Literacy and Literacy Advanced.
    See demo for older children and adults

Our Learning Pyramid

Students start at the bottom of this chart and move up.


The videos give an overview of the software exercises and our service

In the course of 4+ months with Gemm Learning your child will work on 20 or so different exercises in 3-4 different programs. The videos show several of the exercises a typical student will encounter.

The video also explains some of the science behind the program and explains how our service works day to day.

Once you have watched the video, we would encourage you to try the interactive demo. It takes a few steps, but once you are logged in you will have access to all 10 Fast ForWord programs and all 50+ exercises.