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Fast ForWord Demo: For Adults

This short video runs through key exercises and how they help.  Teen demo here and K-6 demo here

Try the exercises yourself

Please watch the video first to get an overview of the games before trying them yourself. To play a game:

  1. Click the “log on” link below, then the “Demos” tab (near the top) and scroll down.
  2. Choose a program, then click the arrow to the right to see options, e.g., “Early Levels,” then click to get to the exercise, then, after it loads, click the icon to start the game.
  3. Most exercises start by clicking the planet. Download Coach Tips or manuals using the links lower on this page for exact instructions.

To see another level or a different exercise, click “Exit” twice.
Log on for interactive demo here

Username: gemmdemo 
Password: gemmdemo

Be prepared. These games are unusual looking and the sounds are intentionally modified. They are designed to interact with cognitive function at a deep level required to rewire learning.

To learn more about the science of how Fast ForWord helps adult learners overcome lifelong reading and learning problems, click here.

“I have always struggled with reading all my life. When I see a sentence, it displays itself to me in short pieces which sometimes move backwards instead of forwards! I could never see an entire line of words. It’s been very frustrating and speed reading courses were of no help. At the age of 58, … I can, for the very first time, read entire sentences and lines on a page. This has changed my reading speed as well as my comprehension. The difference is absolutely amazing. Now I will always wonder how my life would be different today if I could have solved my reading problem in third or fourth grade instead of at age 58.”

Adult reader, 58 years old