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Program Demo Tour for K-6

This 4-minute video goes through how the software works, showing a few of the 30+ exercises in the Fast ForWord series. Demo for teens here and adults here.


Try the Exercises Yourself

Go to the  interactive demo here
Username: gemmdemo
Password: gemmdemo

Click on the “Demos” tab, then click on an exercise name to open it, click on an option and it will start.  You might need to click again to start the exercise.

To see another level or a different exercise, go to the hamburger menu in the top left to “Exit.”  Then exit again.

These games are unusual looking and the sounds are intentionally modified. They are designed to interact with cognitive function at a deep level required to rewire learning.

“In just 2 months with Gemm Learning, his reading confidence has soared, so much, that he is no longer resistant to reading and looks forward to his reading time.

Prior to starting with Gemm Learning, he failed all of his spelling tests and had almost no retention of how to spell a word correctly. Now he gets 100% on all of his spelling tests.

A light bulb has been turned on for him.”

Aaron H.

Parent of 3rd Grader