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“Blaise made first honors with a 95.6 average. He was nowhere with reading and struggling to follow instruction in class.

I remember our first conversation, hoping and praying for a miracle. We got it! Thank you!!!”

Barbara N.

Parent of 5th grader

“He is now attentive in [class]. He usually needed a personal invitation to listen. 🙂 I had to stop his reading curriculum because he could no longer comprehend anything he read. It was like he hit a wall. I can now give him anything on the fifth grade reading level and his comprehension is amazing!!! … He is thoroughly enjoying novels now and he can always answer the comprehension questions. The fact that he has the stamina for sitting and reading for hours is amazing! This is such a dramatic change!” 

Mellssa N.

Parent of inattentive 4th grader

“My college age son has seen such gains from this program. He says he finds reading more comfortable and less exhausting. He has a heavy workload this semester and says this has made a huge difference to his college experience.

He texted me from a plane on his way back to college yesterday. He said he was too busy reading to talk!”

College Student

21 years old