Make a Leap and Save With Summer Friends

reading-assistant-screenshot-and-studentIf you are concerned your child may lose the reading habit this summer or if you want to make another leap forward, we are again offering the Summer Friends special for returning clients and their siblings. Please register below. We will give you a call to begin your child’s program.

Pick Up where you left off in your Fast ForWord program

Your child can either pick up where he or she left off or move to the next program in our reading series.

IMPROVE FLUENCY with Reading Assistant

This advanced speech recognition-based reading program acts as a non-judgmental teacher, helping your child practice reading out loud. There is a large library of books and poems, calibrated to your child’s reading level. Watch a Reading Assistant demo


brainware-safari-cave-comparisonsBrainWare works on long term memory, visual processing, attention and organizational skills not covered by Fast ForWord for students who are 9 years old or older. It uses cognitive loading, training the brain to multitask as a way of building automaticity and mastery. This is a very different approach to Fast ForWord but relies on the same principles of neuroplasticity. BrainWare Safari takes 3 months. Watch a BrainWare Safari demo

PREPARE FOR NEXT YEAR with Reflex Math or Dreambox

Try out one of our math programs to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All math programs are adaptive to each student’s strengths to create the optimal experience for each child.

TRY AGAIN or REPEAT a program

If you did not complete a program the first time around you may want to revisit it. Alternatively, repeating a program, Language v2 or Literacy in particular, 3-4 years later, will often lead to new gains.

For Returning Gemm Clients Only

Returning participants and their siblings are eligible for our Summer Friends special, a one time payment of $575 for 2 months, with a third month free–any program or combination of programs–for starts between May 1st and August 1st only. Offer ends June 30, 2017.

This offer is for Gemm families who have a student who has previously completed at least three full months of Gemm Learning service. It applies to returning students and to other family members, siblings or parents, who may be new to Gemm Learning. The three months must be used by October 31, 2017. Submit your details and we will call to answer your questions and, if you like, suggest a protocol plan.


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