Submit Your Video Testimonial
Thank you for choosing Gemm Learning and for being one of the 96% of Gemm families who say they’d recommend us to a friend or neighbor. While we’d love you to submit your testimonial in a short video, you are also welcome to submit your feedback in writing.
Step 1 — Prepare For Your Video
• It’s your video—you can tell/show/sing/rap/act out why you love Gemm Learning. (Bonus points for creativity!)
• Include your (first) name and student's age.
• Don’t film 100 takes until you “get it perfect”—we love sincerity… and bloopers!

Note: We recommend that you keep the video short. 45-60 seconds is plenty!
Step 2 — Create Your Video
• Ask someone to film you with a smartphone, take a selfie video, or use your webcam with a program like Photo Booth.
• Choose a well lit room or go outside in the sun.
• Include your child—we love happy, silly kids!
Step 3 — Upload Your Video
• Email or transfer your video to your computer.
• Save it to your desktop or somewhere where you can find it.
• Upload it below!
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