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How Enrollment Works

After a consult, and once we have established we can help:

  1. We take your details by phone.
  2. Send login details, and make a welcome call.
  3. The first session is an assessment, unless you request otherwise.
  4. We develop an individualized Program Plan.
  5. You will receive weekly progress reports and regular check-in calls.

“I love that he spends so much time reading now. He was reluctant to even go near a book last year. I was hoping that your program would help him get over his fear of reading, but it has far exceeded our expectations.

He is not only an enthusiastic reader he is also ambitious, reading all kinds of books well above his grade. It’s a delight and a huge weight off my mind that I no longer have to worry about him and his reading struggles.”

Jane P.

Parent of 3rd Grader