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How does Gemm Learning work?

Gemm Learning is a one-time intervention for reading and learning, at home with remote oversight.  We primarily use Fast ForWord software.

Some children need added stimulation

Most children develop pre-reading and learning skills by processing the language around them, from birth. However, for some that’s not enough.  Fast ForWord provides added opportunities to develop these skills, which helps:

  • Reading – fluency and comprehension
  • Focus – in school and over homework
  • Learning – test taking, listening in class
  • Self-esteem and confidence

By focusing on root causes we help students move toward meaningful change that improves life experience.

What is it like working with Gemm?

Students of all ages work online at home, monitored and coached remotely by Gemm Learning professionals.

We provide a sequence of programs, customized for each student- starting with cognitive fundamentals, then reading and math as needed.

Students work 30 minutes a day (sometimes longer), for 4-5 days a week. We create a plan for each student, monitor daily and send weekly reports. We check in every two weeks, more often if needed, including virtual sessions.  Call anytime to ask questions, talk through problems and check progress.

See if your child is a candidate

Fill out the form and one of our knowledgeable consultants will reach out to discuss your child’s needs and goals and to answer your questions.

Get started

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“We were thrilled to find out that his reading went up almost 5 grade levels in the four months he did Gemm. We can see his reading comprehension in particular is much stronger. Even he is noticing the difference. We recommend you to everyone we know.”

Joshua H.

Parent of 11th grader

After receiving the news that her daughter had improved 4.7 years in reading within one year, mom shared, “On the final report card for last year, she was up in every class and all her teachers noted enormous improvements in her academic abilities! There’s still room for growth, but it seems natural age and behavior type growth like focusing on the quality of our work not the speed.”

Alicia L.

Parent of 4th grader, struggling reader

“When I received a totally different report card and heard the teachers telling us how well she is doing in class, I kept thinking: Are they talking about my kid?  She seems so happy and more secure in school.”

Karen P.

Parent of 2nd grader