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Who we help

We help reading delays and learning issues including APD, dyslexia and ADHD – using cognitive and reading exercises, primarily Fast ForWord, We address:

  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Homework efficiency
  • Grades
  • Self-esteem and confidence

By resolving deep-seated impediments to learning, we aim to bring about meaningful change.

How does it work?

Students of all ages work online at home, mainly 30 minutes a day, with remote oversight.  Gemm Learning professionals develop an individualized program plan, monitor daily, check in regularly and provide remote assistance as needed. We encourage clients to call anytime.

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Fill out the form and a knowledgeable consultant will reach out.

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“We were thrilled to find out that his reading went up almost 5 grade levels in the four months he did Gemm. We can see his reading comprehension in particular is much stronger. Even he is noticing the difference. We recommend you to everyone we know.”

Joshua H.

Parent of 11th grader

After receiving the news that her daughter had improved 4.7 years in reading within one year, mom shared, “On the final report card for last year, she was up in every class and all her teachers noted enormous improvements in her academic abilities! There’s still room for growth, but it seems natural age and behavior type growth like focusing on the quality of our work not the speed.”

Alicia L.

Parent of 4th grader, struggling reader

“When I received a totally different report card and heard the teachers telling us how well she is doing in class, I kept thinking: Are they talking about my kid?  She seems so happy and more secure in school.”

Karen P.

Parent of 2nd grader