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Our Programs for Struggling Learners

Gemm Learning programs cover a student’s full learning journey – from mastering the fundamentals through to reading and math proficiency. We individualize protocols for each student based on needs and goals.

  • Fast ForWord Foundations or Elements – building a cognitive foundation
  • Fast ForWord Reading series – fluency and comprehension
  • Reading Plus – builds reading speed and comprehension
  • ClearFluency – reading practice using voice recognition
  • Reflex Math of math facts, DreamBox for K-8 math concepts

Our programs for struggling learners are all interventions.  They focus on the sources of difficulty, aiming to remove the impediments to learning, once and for all.  This is in contrast to tutoring and reading software that recreates reading instruction, that tends to work around the underling difficulties.

brain based software

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord targets the underlying cognitive weaknesses that impede reading and learning progress building learning MAPS — working memory, attention, processing and sequencing — for children ages 5 and older, teens and adults.

The resulting gains in cognitive skills are then a launching pad for often dramatic improvements in reading proficiency and learning efficiency.

brain based reading programs

Fast ForWord Reading Series

The Fast ForWord reading series develops reading fluency and comprehension, and fills in spelling, vocabulary and other skill gaps.

The series starts with Reading Level 1 for Kindergarten to Grade 1 and progresses to Reading Comprehension which focuses on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills needed in high school.

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reading assistant brain based software


Reading Assistant uses speech recognition technology to provide individualized reading coaching in real time to strengthen reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Students are able to pick from a library of fiction and non-fiction stories. Each story is leveled, meaning it is designed to meet each student at their level — not too easy and boring, but also not too difficult and frustrating.

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Reading Plus

reading plus

This innovative program uses eye tracking, vocabulary checks, comprehension and other feedback technology to help reading fluency and comprehension.

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reflex brain based math programs

Math Programs

Our DreamBox Learning software is self-paced math curriculum aligned with state standards, for grades K-8. It is an engaging software with hundreds of lessons and exercises to keep children moving forward.

For students struggling with math facts, Gemm Learning can add Reflex Math, a game-based math fact program into the protocol.
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Online reading test

“He is now attentive in [class]. He usually needed a personal invitation to listen. 🙂 I had to stop his reading curriculum because he could no longer comprehend anything he read. It was like he hit a wall. I can now give him anything on the fifth grade reading level and his comprehension is amazing!!! … He is thoroughly enjoying novels now and he can always answer the comprehension questions. The fact that he has the stamina for sitting and reading for hours is amazing! This is such a dramatic change!”

Mellssa N.

Parent of inattentive 4th grader

“My college age son has seen such gains from this program. He says he finds reading more comfortable and less exhausting. He has a heavy workload this semester and says this has made a huge difference to his college experience.

He texted me from a plane on his way back to college yesterday. He said he was too busy reading to talk!”

College Student

21 years old

“We were thrilled to find out that his reading went up almost 5 grade levels in the four months he did Gemm. We can see his reading comprehension in particular is much stronger. Even he is noticing the difference. We recommend you to everyone we know.”
Joshua H.

Parent of 11th grader

“His reading score went up almost two full grades over summer due to Gemm Learning! …his confidence when reading and his reading fluency is so much better that he will be out of special ed soon. He picked up a big chapter book to read! This is from a boy who before Gemm would not even look at a book.”

Kate C.

Parent of 5th grader

“He has experienced dramatic gains in his oral language abilities … simply amazing results, with language scores increasing from what we consider to be low average for him (31st percentile two years ago) to now high average levels (86th percentile of peers his own age). We actually knew that his language skills were immediately improving during the Fast Forword program, but improvements were confirmed during more formal testing conducted privately.”
Jane K.

Parent of ASD 4th grader