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We are sorry to report we are no longer able to offer BrainWare Safari. 

We are now using Activate. Learn more about Activate here.

BrainWare Safari

Software For Attention, Organization & Processing Skills

BrainWare Safari is a compilation of successful exercises used by learning clinicians for years, translated into an engaging online software format, for ages 9 and older.

With BrainWare Safari’s 168 progressively challenging levels, children can benefit from dramatic gains in attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing, sensory integration and thinking.

How It Works

brainware-safari-cave-comparisonsBrainWare Safari uses “cognitive loading” to automate cognitive skills — it starts with one task, such as clicking to the beat, and then “loads” another that also requires concentration. This forces the brain to make one skill automatic, freeing up brain capacity for higher level tasks and at the same time building learning efficiency.

Gemm Learning provides BrainWare Safari with professional direction and oversight. Our students typically work on home computers (web access required) for 3-5 days a week, 30-45 minutes a day, for 10-12 weeks.

BrainWare Safari develops 41 essential cognitive skills related to attention, memory, processing and sensory integration.
BrainWare Safari targeted skills

The exercises place repetitive demands on deficient functions and present increasing levels of difficulty. Demands are placed in an integrated approach referred to as “cognitive loading.” This approach drives skills more quickly to an automatic, subconscious level of processing.

BrainWare Safari Reviews

So far the BrainWare Safari program reviews are positive. Its first scientific trial resulted in an average improvement of 4 years 8 months in cognitive skills for 30 students over an 11-week period, as measured by the Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Battery.

Weak skills can be strengthened, and skills that are already strong can be further developed. BrainWare Safari is designed so that stronger abilities support the improvement in weaker areas.

BrainWare Safari Origins

brainware safari founderBrainWare Safari incorporates models of brain function that originate in work published in 1949 by Dr. Donald Hebb of McGill University. Cognitive abilities build in a learning pyramid, in which basic skills enable higher-order skills to develop. If any fundamental skills are missing or deficient, more advanced abilities cannot develop.

The exercises incorporate the current scientific understanding of brain function to improve basic cognitive skills and have been used by learning clinicians in one-on-one therapies — often using paper and pencil — for decades. Over time, various clinicians gradually assembled and integrated different regimens of exercises that provided measurable improvement in cognitive skills. BrainWare Safari has converted these exercises into a compelling, interactive digital format.