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We are sorry to report we are no longer able to offer BrainWare Safari. 

We are now using Activate. Learn more about Activate here.

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Who can benefit from this software

learning problemsBrainWare Safari builds learning efficiency to help a variety of cases. Here are some examples where BrainWare Safari can help:

Takes Too Much Time

Many children are slow workers at homework time and at school, taking tests or even just taking notice. For the pure reading aspects of this learning inefficiency, Fast ForWord software is a better choice. But there is a multi-tasking aspect to these jobs that are a source of difficulty. This is where BrainWare Safari’s cognitive loading exercises are extremely helpful.

Focus Issues — Selective Attention

BrainWare Safari trains attention skills in a number of ways. It helps students learn to tune out distractions, background noises and movement that occurs during some games, as well as build learning efficiency which makes listening easier and more interesting, making engagement more natural.

Lacking Organization Skills

Organization requires pulling information from a variety of sources. This requires sensory integration, a central BrainWare Safari exercise theme.

Visual Problems

Most reading problems are language related. And most visual problems — seeing the teacher, etc., are detected early. However, there are sometimes visual processing issues, where there is a gap between what is seen and what is understood and received. BrainWare Safari is a popular program for developmental ophthalmologists because it is strong in this area of eye tracking, peripheral vision and visual processing.

Disappointing Grades

Quite often disappointing grades come down to cognitive skills that can be helped. If a child is able to read faster, more accurately then a better grade is possible. If a child is able to stay on task through out a test, a better grade is possible. If a child is able to work multiple choices by holding all the answers in his head using working memory skills, a better grade is possible. BrainWare Safari addresses these issues.

Weak Longer Term Memory

There is working memory and there is longer-term memory. BrainWare Safari works on both types of memory.