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We are sorry to report we are no longer able to offer BrainWare Safari. 

We are now using Activate. Learn more about Activate here.

Cognitive Skills Targeted by BrainWare Safari

Primarily related to visual processing, attention and organization

Exercises that incorporate the current scientific understanding of brain function to improve basic cognitive skills have been used by clinicians in one-on-one therapies for decades.

visual processing skillsBrainWare Safari develops 41 cognitive skills, considered the most critical for fast and effective learning.
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BrainWare’s exercises place repetitive demands on deficient functions and present increasing levels of difficulty. Demands are placed in an integrated approach referred to as “cognitive loading” — forcing the brain to automate a function, do it subconsciously when confronted with two simultaneous tasks. This approach drives skills more quickly to an automatic, subconscious level of processing.

The 41 cognitive skills developed by BrainWare Safari are in these broad categories:

Attention Skills Helped

  • Sustained Attention — staying engaged
  • Selective Attention — ability to avoid distractions
  • Divided Attention — the ability to focus on two skills at once, such as listening while writing notes

Visual Processing Help

  • Visual Discrimination and Processing Speed
  • Visual Sequential Processing
  • Visualization

Auditory Processing Skills

Sensory Integration Skills

  • Hand to eye integration — for writing
  • Auditory-motor and auditory-visual integration
  • Timing — sensory integration

Memory Skills

  • Short-Term and Working Memory
  • Visual Spatial Memory
  • Long-Term Memory
  • Sequential Memory

Thinking Skills

  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Planning and Conceptual Thinking
  • Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking
  • Decision Speed