Fast ForWord on iPad®

By developing an iPad® version, Fast ForWord is taking advantage of the fact that everything is fun on the iPad®, making the software not only more accessible but also more captivating for kids.

While there are minor changes to the software, designed to take advantage of the iPad’s touch screen technology, Fast ForWord on the iPad® is helping bring students to Fast ForWord:

  • Even more engaging. The bright, animated graphics of most Fast ForWord games are even more compelling and captivating, especially for younger users.
  • Improved portability. Since the iPad® is designed to be portable, Fast ForWord can be carried around, giving you more opportunities to fit in Fast ForWord sessions or partial sessions — in a waiting room, at school during a break, anytime, anywhere there is Internet.
  • Fully interchangeable. Because Fast ForWord can be accessed from any device, you have the opportunity to switch back and forth between your iPad® and a computer.

Fast ForWard on the Ipad

FAQ About Fast ForWord on iPad®

When will Fast ForWord be available on the iPad®?
All programs are now available on the iPad.

How can I get started with Fast ForWord on iPad®?
First, you need to be a registered Gemm Learning client. You can do this by calling 877-914-4366 to enroll or contact us.

Once you are a client, you can download the iPad app here. There are separate apps for each group of Fast ForWord programs (Language and Language to Reading, Literacy and Literacy Advanced, Reading series, RPI reading baseline test). The program requires iPad® 2, 3, 4 or Air with operating system version OS 6.0 or higher.

How about the iPad® Mini or iPhone®?
These devices will not be supported because of the small screen size.

Do I have to use the iPad® every time I use Fast ForWord?
No. You can switch back and forth between an iPad® and a computer. Because the data from each training session is stored online, students can log in from any device and pick up where they left off.

Are there any extra charges involved with using the iPad®?
No. Active clients can access Fast ForWord from any device for no extra charge.

If you have questions, call 877-914-4366 or contact us.