Fast ForWord and Social Skills

Improved listening builds confidence

Social skills are difficult to master, period. For struggling learners they are especially challenging due to all of the extra processing and work required just to follow a conversation, let alone think of the appropriate response.

Fast ForWord improves processing efficiency to improve learning and reading. These gains also help social skills and confidence, by essentially slowing conversations down, making the world more manageable for the struggling learner.

Improved conversational skills

200-120-children-friends-talkingConversation happens at lightning speed with content on many levels. If a child has to concentrate hard just to hear what friends are saying, especially in noisy play-grounds or school hall-ways, there is very little time to process and think about the meaning or nuances of the conversation, and oftentimes, no time to respond.

Improvements in processing efficiency from Fast ForWord help free up thinking space to absorb conversations in real time, to understand the meaning and the nuances. This makes it easier for your child to participate in a meaningful way that fits the themes of the conversation. This can help a child do better in social situations, and develop friendships in a way that is not possible when listening skills are impaired.

Success in one skill builds confidence in many

One of the first changes parents report is an up tick in confidence. This comes from improved processing efficiency. By automating listening skills, children find that they are able to keep up, they can take in what their teacher or parent says with far less effort, less exhaustion. It’s as if everyone around your child is now talking more slowly and more clearly.

Imagine the impact that more efficient listening can have. It can be life changing, boosting confidence in a profound way because now your child is able to navigate day-to-day life more comfortably and because now your child finds his day job, learning and reading, is getting a bit easier.

Fast ForWord helps confidence in two other ways also:

  • Improved reading skills helps children feel better about themselves. It helps them meet their parents’ and teachers’ expectations, and it helps them keep up with their peers.
  • The Fast ForWord exercises are adaptive, meaning that children are able to work without getting into difficulty. Many students tell their parents they are “good at Gemm Learning,” a success in the academic world that bolsters confidence.

Improvements in confidence are of course self-fulfilling. Improved confidence leads to more learning risk-taking and less reluctance to participate and try, all leading to better educational outcomes and more confidence.