Fast ForWord Series Overview

10 programs, 50+ exercises, each addressing a range of cognitive skills 

Fast ForWord programs are worked on in sequence with two phases, typically taking 4-7 months:

  1. Cognitive — works on skill gaps
  2. Reading — fluency &  comprehension

Gemm Learning develops individualized protocols for elementary age, teenagers and adults.

Cognitive Programs

The Fast ForWord games in Language v2/Foundations I are designed for ages 5-9 and are completely sound based. They train cognitive skills — processing, working memory, attention, sequencing — building a foundation for the reading programs that follow.

Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2/ Foundations II comes next with games that add text to the mix, continuing the cognitive skill development.

Fast ForWord Literacy is the adolescent/adult version of Fast ForWord Language v2. It uses the same cognitive training exercises with different graphics. The games have a space age feel to keep teenagers engaged.

Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced games push students to their cognitive limits, with text added to the mix.

The Reading Series

The Fast ForWord Reading series is loosely correlated with grades, although Reading Level 4 and 5 will challenge many middle and high school students.

Reading Level 1
Reading Level 1 — for K to 2nd graders — works on early foundational skills such as vocabulary, phonemic awareness, spelling and reading accuracy in sentence comprehension as well as eye tracking exercises. The primary goal is reading fluency.
Fast ForWord Reading Level 1

Reading Level 2
Reading Level 2 — for 2nd to 4th graders — continues the same mix of exercises as seen in Reading Level 1, with more focus on reading comprehension.
Fast ForWord Reading Level 2

Reading Level 3
Designed for 3rd to 5th graders, Reading Level 3 raises the bar in reading with analytical exercises that challenge participants to think while reading, a Common Core State Standard. It also has reading, grammar and vocabulary games that continue to develop fundamental building blocks.
Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

Reading Level 4
Reading Level 4 — for 4th to 7th graders — has follow on exercises for the main Reading Level 3 themes, with one added game focused on language syntax and grammar.
Fast ForWord Reading Level 4

Reading Level 5
Reading Level 5 is a unique, open-ended program that pushes reading and thinking skills as far as they will go. It trains in metacognitive strategies using a natural learning, incremental approach that encourages analytical thinking from all angles.
Fast ForWord Reading Level 5