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Fast ForWord Elements II

Fast ForWord Elements II follows on from Fast ForWord Elements I adding complexity to the cognitive skills training and adding written language into the mix. The program develops reading fluency and develops a cognitive and language foundation for reading comprehension.

The exercises cover:

  • Phonemic awareness, decoding, and word recognition
  • Sequential and inferential comprehension questions
  • Advanced grammatical structures
  • Working memory and selective attention

Fast ForWord Elements II has five exercises.

Bioacoustics Lab

FFW Elements II Bioaccoustic Lab

Develop listening accuracy and phonological awareness skills by selecting a target syllable from a sequence of two syllables.


FFW Elements II Cinematch

Develop listening comprehension skills by listening to stories and answering questions.


FFW Elements II Illuminator

Develop auditory word recognition and academic vocabulary skills by discriminating among related math and science terms.

Mission Control

FFW Elements II Mission Control

Develop the skill of following directions by identifying or manipulating shapes according to spoken instructions.


FFW Elements II PicFlip

Develop auditory word recognition, phonological awareness, and vocabulary skills by distinguishing between similar-sounding words.

Fast ForWord Progression

All students should complete Fast ForWord Elements I prior to Fast ForWord Elements II, and from there most students progress to a program in the Fast ForWord reading series.