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Fast ForWord Foundations I

Fundamental reading and learning program for elementary age

Fast ForWord Foundations I looks nothing like a traditional reading or language program. Nor should it. It rewires how the brain processes language, strengthening the fundamental building blocks for listening, speaking and reading success. Fast ForWord Foundations I helps children who:

  • Have difficulty with reading
  • Have difficulty with language — following directions, listening or speaking
  • Have auditory processing disorder or dyslexia
  • Are inattentive

Foundations I has seven adaptive exercises that isolate and exercise working memory, attention stamina, processing or sequencing. At the student’s own pace each exercise adds speed and complexity, pulling him/her up towards language and reading proficiency.


fast forword language v2

Identify the picture that best represents the sentence or answers a question to earn gold peanuts. Ele-bot uses slight differences in the pictures to develop language comprehension.

Hoop Nut

hoop nut in fast forward language

Identify a target syllable when presented in a sequence of two syllables to fill the tree ship with acorns and blast it off into orbit. This exercise helps sound discrimination required for phonemic awareness and reading. It also builds working memory.

Moon Ranch

moon ranch in fast for word language

Correctly identify when a new syllable interrupts a repeated syllable to get all the animals over the fence and on the hills. Click the start button to hear the sound repeated several times. When the sound changes, click on the animal. This is another sound discrimination exercise that also helps working memory and focus, requiring students to remain focused and refraining from impulsive behavior, i.e., building sustained attention.


robo dog in fastforward language

Identify the picture that represents the pronounced target word. Many of the words are similar sounding, to help build listening accuracy and vocabulary skills.

Sky Gym


Click the start button to hear a sequence of 2 sound sweeps. Then, click the up and down arrows to match the sequence of sounds you just heard. This exercise strengthens processing speed and accuracy using a sequencing task, taking students to 40 sounds a second, the speed required for perfect phonemic awareness.

Space Commander

Space Commander in fast forword langauge

Fill the globe with birds by correctly identifying or manipulating shapes according to the instructions presented. This is a working memory exercise that also builds accurate listening and attention stamina.

Whalien Match


Match all the syllables and words into pairs using the fewest clicks. While this is primarily a working memory exercise, the syllables and words used are similar sounding, which helps sound discrimination, phonemic awareness and listening skills.

After Fast ForWord Foundations I, most students progress to Fast ForWord Foundations II.

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