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Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced

Note, this program has been replaced by Elements II as of early 2021.

Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced follows on from Fast ForWord Literacy adding complexity to the cognitive skills training and adding written language into the mix. The program develops reading fluency and develops a cognitive and language foundation for reading comprehension.

The exercises cover:

  • Phonemic awareness, decoding, and word recognition
  • Sequential and inferential comprehension questions
  • Advanced grammatical structures
  • Working memory and selective attention

Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced has five exercises.

Sky Rider

fast forword literacy advanced

Students hear a sequence of sound sweeps and then click the up or down arrows to identify the sequence of sound sweeps heard. This exercise follows on from Space Racer in Fast ForWord Literacy, adding more sounds to the sequence. This exercise works on auditory processing, attention and working memory.

Meteor Ball


Identify a pronounced target word when presented in a series of pronounced and written words. This exercise builds left to right eye tracking skills, focus — it helps avoid impulsivity — and it helps word recognition and working memory skills.

Lunar Leap


Identify a pronounced target word when presented as one of 2 pronounced and written word choices. These words sound very similar, helping to build decoding fluency, word recognition, and attention stamina.

Laser Match


Match all the words, pronounced and written, into pairs using the fewest clicks. This builds working memory, organization and focus skills.

Galaxy Theater


Listen to a story and then answer questions and follow instructions. Increasingly difficult grammar and syntax exercises occur as students progress. The exercise builds comprehension and thinking skills.

After Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced most students progress to a program in the Fast ForWord reading series.