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Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 has three themes: reading comprehension, reading fluency and reading fundamentals.

Reading Level 3 exercises include:

  • Syntax, grammar and spelling
  • Analytical reading comprehension
  • Paragraph comprehension

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 consists of 3 exercises.

Book Monkeys

fast forword reading 3

After reading a paragraph, the student answers multiple choice questions. The exercise builds literal and inferential reading comprehension.

Scrap Cat


The student helps Scrap Cat recycle the bottles and cans by sorting the words into their appropriate categories. This is an analytical task, sorting words into linguistic and semantic categories, which has been patented by Fast ForWord as a way to build critical thinking skills.

Twisted Pictures


The student must pick the sentence (of four) that best describes the picture presented. This requires analytical thinking and develops a high level of syntactic complexity.

Prior to Fast ForWord Reading Level 3, younger students will have completed Fast ForWord Reading Level 2. After Reading Level 3, some students will move to Fast ForWord Reading Level 4.