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Fast ForWord Reading Level 4

Reading Comprehension, Expanded Vocabulary

Fast ForWord Reading Level 4 continues the development of cognitive skills, but presented in the context of reading, and expands reading comprehension skills through expansion of vocabulary and language structure knowledge and through exercises that develop higher level thinking while reading.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 4 has as its main theme, the development of reading comprehension, including the ability to make inferences and think critically while reading. Fast ForWord Reading Level 4 consists of six exercises.

Book Monkeys Two

fast for word reading 4

After reading the paragraph, the student must click the response that best answers the question. There are also questions presented in table form. This is a reading comprehension exercise.

Goat Quotes


A headline is displayed on the sign above the newsstand. The four newspapers below attempt to paraphrase the headline, but only one is correct. This is a demanding exercise that develops analytical paragraph comprehension as required by Common Core State Standards.

Hoof Beat


The student helps KPAW decide which answers to broadcast by selecting the most accurate response. The word choice is always close, building decoding skills and vocabulary.

Jitterbug Jukebox

fast forward reading level 4

The student must click the available letters to correctly spell the word. This spelling exercise works on spelling rules and some exceptions.

Lulu’s Laundry Line

fast forword reading 4

The student helps Lulu finish sorting the laundry by correctly selecting the missing words and punctuation until the paragraph is complete. This exercise builds grammar and language syntax skills.

Stinky Bill’s Billboard


The student must click the word that best completes the sentence. This exercise builds language familiarity, including use of compound words, prefixes, homophones, and word knowledge.

Prior to Fast ForWord Reading Level 4, students may have completed Fast ForWord Reading Level 3. After Reading Level 4, some students will move to the much more difficult Fast ForWord Reading Level 5.