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Fast ForWord Reading Level 5

Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking

Fast ForWord Reading Level 5 works on advanced reading comprehension and vocabulary skills for students in middle and high school and for adults.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 5 was recently awarded a new patent for developing critical thinking skills as required by the Common Core State Standards. The program builds reading comprehension and vocabulary skills for all ages. It is often difficult to complete due to the complexity of content in the latter stages.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 5 has five exercises.

Toad Loader

toad loader in fast forward reading 5

Students select the correct words or phrase to build a sentence that best describes a picture. This exercise helps develop reading accuracy and in recognizing the nuances of sentence structure.

Gator Jam

fast forword reading 5

Complete an analogy by identifying the missing word or words. Then read a completed analogy and sort it by the type of analogical relationship it demonstrates. This completing and then categorizing of analogies builds critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills.

Lana’s Lanes


Students are welcomed to Lana’s Lanes, a bovine bowling experience, where they learn reading comprehension strategies as they work with fiction and nonfiction passages that include a wide range of literary structures and devices.

Quack Splash


This challenging exercise requires the re-ordering of multiple paragraph passages and demonstrating comprehension of the fiction and nonfiction passages. This exercise includes sentence completion, literal comprehension and inferential reading comprehension skill development.

Wood Works


Read a word, then sort it by one of the sounds it contains. Then listen to a word and sort it by the spelling pattern needed to correctly spell it. This builds the phonemic analysis required for the more complex words in our language, as well as spelling and decoding accuracy.

Prior to Fast ForWord Reading Level 5, students may have completed Fast ForWord Reading Level 4.