Fast ForWord Reading Readiness

For pre-K, introduces familiarity with text

Fast ForWord Reading Readiness builds pre-reading skills designed for 4-5 year old children. It helps students build the cognitive skills needed for reading, including:

  • Letter recognition and naming
  • Phonological awareness
  • Letter-sound associations

Fast ForWord Reading Readiness is the first reading program in the Fast ForWord Reading series. It is skipped by older children, but is a tremendous help for children who have not developed letter recognition skills. It has six exercises:


Students build letter-sound association skills and gain dexterity with the alphabet on a roller coaster ride.

fast forword reading readiness


Students connect letters with sounds using cards to match text to phonics. This program builds phonological awareness and phonological working memory.

Houndini in reading readiness

Hungry Tummy

This exercise helps listening accuracy and learning to follow multiple-step verbal instructions.  These improved language processing skills also develop pre-reading decoding and working memory skills.


Inside the Tummy

Students match shapes to build  visual attention, pattern recognition, auditory perception, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.


Packing Pig Goes to Work

This game works on letter-name association as well as visual attention, hand-eye coordination and auditory working memory.


Packing Pig Has Lunch

This exercise helps working memory and comfort with letters.

reading readiness fast forword