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DreamBox Learning® Math

K-8 Visual Math Learning Through Discovery

Add DreamBox Math to your protocol for a small additional fee.

Gemm Learning is excited to be part of a new movement in math learning that focuses on true understanding of math.  We now offer DreamBox for home-based students. Dreambox is enjoying extraordinary success in North American schools, serving nearly 3 million students.

Note, we also offer the popular Reflex Math for math facts. This software is free for all enrolled Gemm students.

What Is DreamBox?

DreamBox is comprehensive K-8 math curriculum, aligned to K-8 standards presented visually in an interactive format that encourages learning through exploration, not spoon-fed instruction.

It aims to not only help children perform at grade level, it is helping them understand math in a deep and profound way that will serve as a platform for much better relationship with math going forward.

Why DreamBox?

DreamBox suits our student population — many of whom have language processing delays and so struggle to build math understanding by listening to a teacher or tutor —  because it is:

  • Visual presentation
  • Adaptive, it hones in on where help is most needed
  • Builds deep understanding of numeracy

Why DreamBox Guided By Gemm?

Usually, you are own your own when it comes to online software.  While you are Gemm Learning you have access to expert supervision. Why not take advantage of that?

DreamBox is a rich and powerful program, but that makes it somewhat intimidating for home use, which is why it is mainly offered in classrooms with teacher oversight.

Being part of the Gemm Learning family creates an opportunity.

If you are working with our legendary coaching and support team, who are monitoring your child’s daily work, and if there is any concern at all about month, why not add DreamBox into the mix and take advantage of that invaluable live help for tackling a program you probably would not do on your own.

When To Add DreamBox?

Most of our students take at least 2-3 weeks to settle into a productive routine with our primary learning intervention, Fast ForWord. And there is important cognitive work done in those first 3-4 weeks and so generally we recommend Fast ForWord only starting out.

However, once your child is in a routine, and given that your time to take advantage of Gemm Learning’s awesome support team is limited, the sooner you feel you can add in DreamBox the better.  It’s an adaptive curriculum that takes a little while to figure out where your child needs the most help – a journey that Gemm Learning helps with – and then it’s full steam ahead.

If you are unsure, just reach out to our support team and they can guide you.

Live Monitoring & Guidance

We monitor and manage your child’s protocols to make sure your child is:dreambox online math intervention

  • Working on appropriate exercises that will help
  • Staying on task to get the rewards for the effort
  • Helping you manage the inevitable challenges of a home program

Without supervision it is easy to go off track or waste time on work that’s too easy or too hard. Our teachers make sure your child is not only working on appropriate material but also getting the most out of each session.

Cautionary Note On Our Math Outcomes

Although we are encouraged by the results our families report to us, we do not claim equal outcomes for all math students. Partly because of the complexity in measuring true math proficiency we do not provide math pre- and post-assessments.  Instead, we infer math gains as students progress up through our exercises, which unfold with escalating levels of difficulty. This progress in mastery is displayed within the programs and is available to parents.

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