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Learning Interventions for Math

How Cognitive Skill Building Can Help Math Skills

In the early years, up to the ages of 7 or 8, difficulty with math can be the first clear symptom of a deeper issue.  Math is often the first true test of a child’s learning ability.  It requires the ability to listen accurately and to think in an abstract way. It requires a range of cognitive skills that for many children are not fully developed.

In these cases, most children are better off doing our learning intervention, Fast ForWord, and leaving the math specific skills for later.  Contact us to find out where your child fits.

Cognitive Skills Building In Math

If you decide on  learning intervention, here’s how it will help reduce math frustration.

Cognitive skills can be learned. The brain is like a muscle — cognitive and other learning skills will improve with the appropriate exercise.

Fast ForWord builds the foundations to all learning, Learning MAPS – working Memory, Attention, Processing and Sequencing. Here’s how these skills apply to math:

fast forword for math

  • Working Memory — the ability to retain and manipulate numbers is the key to solving math equations.
  • Attention — math is abstract and the logic involves multiple steps.  Focus is essential.
  • Processing – children need to think while listening, requiring efficient language processing skills.
  • Sequencing — there is a step by step logic to understanding a lot of math concepts and a sequence of operations to solving most equations.