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Math interventions

A Guided Math Intervention at Home

Math Can Be Easier!

Our program uses groundbreaking learning through exploration exercises — aligned to state and common core standards — to help children truly “get” math — number dexterity and math fact automaticity. This is the pathway to confidence in math.

Gemm Math is a standalone program or an add-on to a reading or learning protocol.

Why Gemm Math?

  • For many children, every new math concept is a new mystery and instruction in class is not enough
  • Difficulty with math facts often gets in the way

Many children limp from one math subject to the next, none mastered nor truly understood, each new topic a struggle.  Following the teacher in class is not always easy. If your child does not know why a particular math method works, she has learned nothing that will help with the next math topic.

There’s a better way.

Math Confidence Requires True  Understanding

Gemm Learning is excited to be part of a major new movement in math learning, offering:

Our coach-guided home math service uses programs that are enjoying extraordinary success in North American schools right now, serving nearly 3 million students.

These programs represent a revolution, a focus on numeracy and true math understanding which not only boosts math scores and reduces frustration, it also accelerates future math learning by building true understanding and math confidence.

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