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DreamBox Learning® Math

Gemm Learning feels privileged to provide DreamBox Math software at home as part of its standalone Gemm Math program or as an add-on to its learning protocols.

Who is Dreambox Math for?

It’s a K-8 math program that uses visual explanations to help children truly get math.  It’s a great help to children who are a little behind in math and have:

  • Difficulty following the teacher in class or
  • Limited reading comprehension

DreamBox presents each math concept in a different ways, adapting to what works for each student.  These different math looks can help a child catch up if they are behind, or stay on track if the lessons at school are not enough.

A Radical Step Forward

The DreamBox Learning® Math software represents a radical step forward in educational software, it’s about learning through discovery not hand-fed instruction, and it’s about seeing math mastery as having a true understanding of numbers, numeracy, not knowing a collection of math methods that will soon be forgotten.

Yes, DreamBox can reduce math frustration because it offers a visual pathway to math understanding that works better for many children. Because it is adaptive, it works with children at their level.

However, DreamBox Math software is so much more than that.  It aims to not only help children perform at grade level, it is helping them understand math in a deep and profound way that will serve as a platform for much better relationship with math going forward.

The core beliefs stated on the DreamBox website are powerful sentiments that excite us greatly for the future of learning and for our Gemm Math students.

Dreambox core beliefs

  1. Children persist in learning when they are engaged, challenged and having fun.
  2. Students are learners who can drive their own progress.
  3. Teachers (and parents) need support for differentiating instruction.
  4. Lifelong learning requires mastery of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our future depends on helping the next generation learn how to learn.

About DreamBox Math Software

DreamBox Learning® Math software provides a deeply personalized learning experience that guides and engages all levels of students. The combination of a rigorous K-8 math curriculum and a motivating learning environment with in-the-moment feedback that work seamlessly together with our intelligent adaptive technology is the DreamBox difference.

This unique combination showcases the power of learning by differentiating content, pace and sequence of each user. Students who use DreamBox develop the strategies, critical thinking skills, deep understanding, and reasoning abilities needed to achieve success. We’re passionate that every child should have access to a learning experience that motivates them persist, progress, and achieve success for a lifelong confidence in math and in life.

DreamBox Learning creates transformative learning experiences because it:

Adapts differently

DreamBox Math is designed from the ground up to adapt within and in between lessons. Our Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine coupled with continuous formative assessment embedded into lessons enables the DreamBox to intelligently respond to the student in the moment of learning. As students move through their lessons, DreamBox provides scaffolding if they struggle and advances them to higher levels as they demonstrate proficiency.

Delivers deeper learning

Our curriculum helps students build core foundational skills and extend learning so they develop conceptual understanding and critical thinking, improve problem-solving abilities and make deeper connections.

Engages students every step of the way

Our game-like environment is motivating and engaging. In every DreamBox lesson, students actively engage with manipulatives that connect students to math in ways that paper and pencil never could by allowing them to explore, make connections, and make sense of math.