Math Success Stories


While most Gemm Learning clients come to us for help with reading or learning difficulties such as attention deficits or working memory delays, we receive a lot of feedback about how the cognitive skill gains from our program has helped math.

“She won placement in math enrichment class.”  Maria A.

“Doing great in math.” Scarlett B.

“Math confidence has increased dramatically.” Helena B.

“…more confidence in math.” Preston B.

“She was moved to a higher math group.”  Gia C.

“He can do his own math word problems now.” Michael C.

“…does math with very little need to explain word problems.  Math improved on report card.” Lydia D.

“…is figuring out math on his own.” Tavern H.

“Improved test scores in math and english.” Amira M.

“Exponential growth in math…” Danielle L.

“They have both made great progress in math.” Matthew & Joshua L.

“He is able to understand math problems better and think faster.” Tim S.

And then we received this note from a parent.

“My daughter’s reading improved dramatically after using the Gemm program.  Her math scores soon followed.  She is able to follow directions, memorize her facts and understand word problems in a way she couldn’t before the program.  The other day I tried to help her with her math homework.  She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Mom, I’ve got this.”  After reviewing her completed homework, I had to admit she was right!  THANK YOU!!!”   – Mother of a 2nd grader

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