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Personalized Writing Course

Does your child need writing help?

Is your child a slow or reluctant writer? If writing is a struggle, your child is not alone. Writing is hard.

Good writers have done a lot of reading – helping language syntax, absorbing how stories are told, etc. But children who have not been avid readers miss out on this pre-writing training. Furthermore, they tend to resist writing, deepening the problem by not practicing.

Gemm Learning students are now probably reading more regularly, but that’s still a long way from the many hours of reading required to be a good writer. And so we hear about writing concerns over and over from parents.

Hence, we are offering a personalized writing course. Our goal is to help our students build a writing habit by breaking the process down into manageable parts.

Writing Fundamentals 

Our concept is review essay writing fundamentals in real-time using actual student assignments where available.

Our writing help focus is on the basics of a 5-paragraph essay – for former and current clients only. It’s a 10-week course for 5th grade through high school level, with the option to continue monthly after that.  Our  instructors  will use homework or will create assignments as vehicles for instruction and writing practice.

Why Gemm Writing Help?

There are no magic bullets in writing, so much goes into it. However, knowledgeable instruction, productive practice and personalized guidance focused on your child’s specific needs can go a long way.  Furthermore:

  • We know and understand your child
  • Using homework assignments minimizes added time commitment
  • Our instructors are teachers

writing program exampleCourse Details

This one-on-one writing course has five lessons, with each lesson spanning 2 weeks:

  • Week 1: Lesson, setting assignment
  • Week 2; Review student work, suggest fixups
  • Week 1 (of next topic): Review prior student fixups, new lesson, new assignment

Lessons will be presented in video and slideshow format.  Reviews will include individualized videos, and notes and comments on the actual assignment.  Depending on student availability and need, lessons and review sessions will also include remote screen-sharing sessions and telephone conference calls.

Gemm will be available to review work, answer questions and support the student along the way.

Students can submit assignments through Google Docs (preferred due to feedback options) or Microsoft Word format.


  1. Introduction: how to collect ideas, and how to use graphic organizers
  2. Introductory paragraph
  3. Body paragraphs
  4. Conclusion paragraph
  5. Revising work habits

This is a 10 week commitment to start, and then will be month to month if requested.



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