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How Gemm Learning Works

Our process and what makes us different

Gemm Learning is a home-based program with highly engaged coaching by professionals working remotely.  We use research-backed software to go after the root causes of difficulty, aiming to make profound and lasting changes. 

We follow this cognitive intervention that aims to re-set your child’s learning with standards-aligned, adaptive reading and math curriculum to help your child catch up. For children 5+, teenagers and adults.

Here are our steps:

  1. Free consult and/or free assessment to see if we can help.
  2. Start with Fast ForWord – targets processing, cognitive skill gaps and pre-reading skills
  3. Then a reading track – for fluency and comprehension  – or a learning track – Activate for executive function, attention
  4. Add-ons include DreamBox Math – visual math, Reflex – math facts and Reading Assistant – interactive reading practice

Most students stay with us for 4-7 months and average 2+ years of gain in that time.

Software is only effective when used properly, and so our exceptional live support and coaching is crucial.  We are invested in your success at every step.

Who Is It For?

Our students are typically behind in reading or with reading lagging their success in other subjects. Furthermore, many students come to us with a formal diagnosis — dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, inattentive ADD, working memory dysfunction, executive function delays, ASD and/or generalized learning delays.

What Makes Us Different

First, this is not a tutoring approach. We aim to be life changing, not just incremental. We hope to rock your child’s world by going after the underlying causes of learning or reading difficulty once and for all.

And second, sophisticated software at home is a rare combination.  Our software is typically only found in clinician offices or in  supervised classrooms. Generally, you have to choose between center visits or being on your own at home.

We have been perfecting this approach for 12+ years and have helped thousands of children, namely:

  • Research-validated software that can produce amazing results AND
  • Caring remote oversight that families love

Learning is not fixed

Most learning and reading difficulties stem from cognitive skill gaps or delays.  It is important to understand that these learning difficulties are not fixed.  Cognitive skills, like physical muscle skills, can improve with exercise. This is neuroplasticity.

We tap into this opportunity to try to remove the barriers to learning. We strengthen the cognitive foundation and then add reading exercises that mimic natural learning, using discovery and exploration.

It’s not the school’s problem

Schools are instruction-focused — they teach around learning impediments. It’s not their role to address these underlying skill gaps and so for many students, reading and learning difficulties persist for years.

If you want to address your child’s underlying impediments, you will have to take matters into your own hands. To find out where your child stands reading-wise, try our free assessment here.


Gemm Learning students average 2+ years of reading gain in 4-6 months.

And most experience continued growth after our program.

This is no surprise, continuing acceleration is what the science predicts.  As foundational skills are built and fundamental impediments are removed, the normal development of higher level cognitive and learning skills can now take place – critical thinking, executive function, learning confidence.

We are proud of our many testimonials and stories of changed lives.  Clients reportsubstantial improvements in focus, grades, homework productivity and perhaps most importantly, learning and social confidence.

These gains are permanent — they become part of your child. And they are life-changing not only for your child, but for you and the rest of your family also.

Our Programs

We use the starting assessment to develop an individualized protocol, a learning solution for your child’s unique needs and goals.

The main programs in our quiver of choices are:

  • Fast ForWord cognitive programs.  This is our primary intervention and starting point. The software  improves phonological awareness and other foundational skills to make reading easier and automatic.
  • Fast ForWord Reading series.  This age-appropriate sequence of programs work on reading-specific skills — fluency, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension exercises. The goal of this series is to make reading rewarding, which occurs when reading comprehension comes naturally.
  • Reading Assistant Plus. Adaptive reading practice software that builds reading speed and confidence.
  • Activate.  Children with ADD, ADHD, executive function and other difficulties may move to this cognitive learning software after Fast ForWord.
  • Reflex Math and Dreambox Math.  These self-paced programs present math visually to help children who struggle with traditional in-class instruction.

Professional Oversight

Fast ForWord is only amazing when students complete the protocols.  That’s where our remote service really helps.  We make sure students stay engaged and on track. This includes daily monitoring of your child’s activity, regular check-in calls and remote support sessions when needed as well as student rewards, mailed certificates, online support resources, and a client support group.  Read more about our service here.

Every Student Can Improve

Our results confirm that our learning solution is not just scientific theory. Substantial and lasting change is a very real opportunity for students of all ages. This is why 96% of our clients say they recommend us to others.


Every case is unique and so outcomes vary. While we do our best to screen out students we don’t think we can help, sometimes our program does not make the changes we hope for.  Read more here on our claims.

Find Out If We Can Help

To find out if your child is a candidate for our program, take a free assessment or call a Gemm Learning specialist for a free consultation.