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How It Works

Our Formula: Powerful Software + Personal Coaching 

For most families, home-based learning software is not enough. Which is why Gemm Learning backs up its online software with coaching and support. It’s a series of programs, individualized to the student’s needs and goals – with regular check-ins (and involvement) from Gemm Learning staff. For children 5+, teens and adults.

Steps in the journey

  1. Free consult – is your child a candidate? Can we help?
  2. Assessment – used to create an individualized plan
  3. Start with Fast ForWord – we target the source of delay first*
  4. Then reading  – Fast ForWord Reading series, Reading Plus or Reading Assistant
  5. Math add-on – DreamBox Math

Most students take 4-7 months, average gain is 2+ years.  We do not charge additional fees for assessments, consulting time, reports, etc. . 

* Note, enrollment includes Reflex Math (math facts) for free for elementary age students. We are monitoring your progress at home anyone, so it’s a good opportunity to polish math fact automaticity at the same time

Who Is It For?

Our students have symptoms of a language processing issue or they are behind in reading or there are other learning concerns. Many students come to us with a formal diagnosis — dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, inattentive ADD, working memory dysfunction, executive function delays, ASD and/or generalized learning delays.

Our Programs

All of our programs are “interventions.” We are trying to resolve problems, not accommodate or tutor them.

Our setup is unusual. Generally, it’s a choice between an expensive (and time-consuming) center-based routine or cheap software you have to grapple with on your own at home.

We sit in between. And if you review our results and testimonials, you’ll see it’s an in-between that works. Powerful software with intensive oversight with the convenience and affordability of home. We have been perfecting this approach for 12+ years and have helped thousands of children with results and service that families love.

​It’s personal for us. Every Gemm employee have experienced the program up close, either with one of our own children, family member, friend and even ourselves. We are passionate and genuine about what this program can do to change a child’s life, if you follow the usage expectations and put the effort into every session.

The main programs in our quiver of choices are:

  • Fast ForWord cognitive programs.  This is our primary intervention and starting point. The software  improves phonological awareness and other foundational skills to make reading easier and automatic.
  • Fast ForWord Reading series.  This age-appropriate sequence of programs work on reading-specific skills — fluency, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension exercises. The goal of this series is to make reading rewarding, which occurs when reading comprehension comes naturally.
  • Reading Plus.. Levelled reading, visual eye tracking exercises, vocabulary and an extensive library for reading practice
  • Reading Assistant Plus. Adaptive reading practice software that builds reading speed and confidence.
  • Reflex Math and Dreambox Math.  These self-paced programs present math visually to help children who struggle with traditional in-class instruction.

Coaching & Support

Our software is effective when students complete the protocols.  Gemm Learning moves mountains to make that happen – for each and every child.

Our service includes daily monitoring, regular check-in calls, remote support sessions when needed as well as student rewards, online support resources, and a client support group.  Read more about our service here.


Every case is unique and so outcomes vary. While we do our best to dissuade students we don’t think we can help, sometimes our program does not make the changes we hope for. Read more here on our claims.

“I have spent many thousands of dollars trying to help before finding Gemm. Gemm Learning is the first to succeed, and it is making a world of difference. My son’s confidence has grown so much, he’s making more friends and having a better social life. He’s willing to tackle things that are challenging and is better behaved at home and at school, so much so that my husband asks if this is the same kid or if someone switched him with a look alike! His teacher asked what extra stuff he is doing because she as she said, there are some huge changes taking place.”

Wendy Q.

Parent of 2nd grader


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