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Success stories sent in by Gemm Learning families. Testimonials from adult learners here.

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“Thanks again for all your help and the rest of your staff. Our son has made great gains this past year. We had him tested again a year later just recently to see if he improved. The doctor thought he was working with a different child. The improvement was off the charts. God Bless you guys. Fast Forward is a tremendous program. If we ever need future help we know where to go. Thanks again.” (6th grader)

“We just had our pediatrician annual appointment & she remarked how well he has come along and said “Oh yes, because you enrolled in “that program” and did the work early… Investing in our children was worth every single penny. It’s a wonderful and lifesaving program in my view, so thank YOU guys for all you do.”

“My daughter is going into 7th grade this year and  Gemm learning has improved her reading comprehension tremendously . It will give her the confidence she needs to tackle homework and taking tests. Thank you to Danielle and Melissa for helping us through the process.”

“Fourth grade has gone very well. We’ve seen him hit academic milestones that we thought we going to be much more difficult to obtain. In fact, he received his first “A” in math and his first “B” in reading. Those improved grades have been a huge confidence builder. Additionally, we’ve made it through the year without any “mandatory” conferences. I think that speaks volumes of his confidence and emotional growth since the program. We are extremely satisfied with the results he has achieved.”  (Parent of 3rd grader)

After receiving the news that her daughter had improved 4.7 years in reading within one year, mom shared, “On the final report card for last year, she was up in every class and all her teachers noted enormous improvements in her academic abilities!  There’s still room for growth, but it seems natural age and behavior type growth like focusing on the quality of our work not the speed.” (4th Grader)

“She made the Honor Roll all 4 quarters last year, and at the end of 3rd quarter received an “upward bound” award for increasing one grade level in a subject while maintaining all her other grades in other classes! When I met with her resource teachers at the end of the 3rd quarter, they told me in her resource group she exhibited leadership qualities! This, from a child who is extraordinarily shy! Also, she is now doing multiplication, and can do numbers settings to 100,000. When she began last year, it was only to 100!” (6th grader)

“This has been the best 9 weeks of Maleek’s academic life! He’s turning in assignments, he’s more confident on the basketball court and all his teachers are saying how they see maturity and growth they have never seen before. He had an A, four B’s and 2 C+’s on his most recent report card and is passing geometry for the first time ever!!!  This is the best academic report he has ever gotten.” (11th grader, APD, this quote was over the phone)

“My child struggled with reading all her early years in school. By 5th grade I knew something was very wrong despite teachers telling nothing was and she was just going to stay at a 3rd grade reading level forever. I did NOT accept that response. I found GEMM LEARNING and we talked a lot before I signed her up. Now, in 8th grade she is reading at a 10 grade level and her dyslexia continues to get better! GEMM LEARNING changed her life!” (8th grader)

“My daughter did Fast ForWord with Gemm Learning. The company was amazing with their customer service. They called us every couple of days the first week we started the program. Then we got weekly reports and phone call reports about every two or three weeks. My daughter used the program for nine months. It really did work for her. She had trouble reading because she wasn’t processing the sounds correctly and could not sound out words or rhyme. It helped her tremendously, and now she isn’t having any troubles. I highly recommend using Gemm Learning if you do plan to use Fast ForWord. It is somewhat pricey, but it was worth every penny!”

“My son is excelling in reading. He still climbing the reading levels. He has moved up 3 levels since completing Gemm Learning. He has moved to 3 (meet standards) all levels that were a challenge for him. I highly recommend your program to family and friends. I appreciate your hard work and helping him progress so quickly.” (2nd grader)

If any of these stories sound like your child, contact us.  We might be able to help.

“We received Olivia’s report card just before Christmas and she is doing fantastic.  She achieving straight A’s in all classes.  We talked it over during the holidays and have decided to not continue on with the fast forward program for her.  We feel she doesn’t need it now!” (5th grade, had dyslexia diagnosis)

“M. has been doing extremely well. His grades have improved dramatically and his reading has improved significantly. We are so thrilled. We are continuing the program this school year.  He actually enjoys the lessons and does it without a struggle.” (3rd grader, dyslexia and APD) 

“I’ve seen lots of progress. He’s recalling information learned previously (names of characters in a book, details about a place, lesson details from Bible class) and he seems so much more confident in himself. He asked to read first thing earlier this week and he’s noticing words when we are out and about. His attitude has also improved greatly. He’s not as explosive and can usually calm himself down with a few deep breaths when he’s frustrated. We are very thankful!! I’m not feeling the panic like I was 7 months ago. I love that I talked to someone directly on day 1, she had personal experience with the “product” and a plan to begin was made that same day. I’ll continue to let my friends know about Gemm Learning” (3rd grader).

“He is doing great – I credit Fast ForWord.  His understanding expression, word choice, multi-step commands – it has all dramatically improved!!!  We still have a path ahead but I’m amazed of where we are when I look back at where we started!!  It is truly night and day!!  In turn, he has grown in confidence and social skills.  I will never be able to thank you and your team enough.” (Parent of 1st grader)

“For the time we needed it for our daughter, Gemm was an invaluable resource that helped her greatly! The people we worked with from Gemm were compassionate and followed up with us regularly. If it’s the right fit for your child, you will not be disappointed!”

“I truly believe Gemm’s 6 month program REALLY helped my son with dyslexia and ADHD. The material seemed easy to me, but it seemed to really help him improve. He went from many failing grades in 2nd grade to all B’s in 3rd grade. And 3rd grade in private school is no joke!! Deli who helped monitor his progress was a joy to work with. Thank you to the Gemm Learning team!! (3rd grader)

“He is doing very well! He made great gains as a result of the Gemm Learning program.  Our family as well as the teachers at school noticed the difference in him, his confidence and ability to read following the completion of your program.  We were very encouraged, when on the first day back to school the learning resource teacher emailed and said, Whatever we did in the few months over the summer was amazing. He had shown more improvement in the summer months vs. The previous six months in school!” (3rd grader)

During week five of the program, Mom shared this with our program manager: “She always had a stutter, not severe, but it was something that speech therapy was never able to help her overcome.  She hasn’t stuttered since starting the program and I actually can’t remember now when the last time she did stutter since starting Language.” (2nd Grader)

From the parent of child who has cochlear implants and is legally blind. “My son wouldn’t be doing as well if it weren’t for this program. This program has changed his life. He is finally trying to talk. His life has changed because of you and this program.” (6th grader)

“Being enrolled in your program has helped our son immensely.  He has enjoyed the programs and benefited from the Gemm Learning experience in all areas of learning and communicating.” (Parent of a  6th grader)

From a parent of child with severe APD: “In just 2 months my son went from reading Kindergarten books to reading second grade books!!!”

“She used to have the deer in the headlights look when we asked her a questions. Now, she can focus. She understands what’s being asked and can answer. It’s amazing.”(3rd grader)

“Thank you Gemm for offering so much support and building my son’s confidence. He tested your program as a sophomore in college. He was struggling with an English requirement course. Most college require a “C” or better to count towards a graduation credit. For whatever reason he struggled with getting the various assignments done. He proceeded to take the class twice without success. On the third attempt he came home to take the class again without distractions, total focus on the course and with the support of the Gemm Learning program. I’m happy to report his final grade was an “A”! Proven success that Gemm works with adults and college students!” -(College Sophomore)

“We just received his 3rd quarter report card. His grade in reading went from a C to an A!” (4th grader)

I just want to let you know that the first week with the program went well as far as [my daughter’s] motivation.  She is now in a routine where she knows that she must complete her fun assignments.  I am excited about that.  I know it is too soon to assess, but she has also written a personal narrative for a school project.  We are very surprised because she would never focus enough to write more than one or two sentences.  She wrote an entire page and a half AND it made sense and was in order.  I just celebrate the little things! (4th grader)

(Half a year after completing the program) “My son is doing better than last year. He has A’s and B’s!” (9th grader)

“We got such amazing results from the Fast ForWord.  I cannot believe the difference in her fluency, her ability to track and her vocabulary.  She is in seventh grade and is reading Pride and Prejudice!!” (7th grader)

“[My son] is reading like a pro!” (6th grader)

“We have a totally different kid on our hands since starting the program! Her memory has improved. There are still hiccups now and then but she remembers information from here and there. Her ability to express herself is huge – she had, for the first time, a weekend long conversation with her Grandpop.”  (3rd grader)

“This is the best intervention we have found. His understanding is growing! He is able to work on inference questions.” (4th grader with Autism)

“Just this week he has finished an over 200 page book (the second in a series) in two days.  Before the program, he was reluctant to read short chapter books, and it took him a month or so to finish the first book in the same series.  He is so excited that he had me call grandparents to tell them of his achievement. What I am also excited about is that I gave him a spelling assessment before he began the program.  He scored at level 2.5 grade equivalency. After 3 months of the Fast ForWord program, he scored at level grade 4 equivalency.  He no longer dreads spelling, but is excited that it is easier than it once was.” (3rd grader)

“This week she shut her door to her bedroom and when I ask what she was doing alone in there, she stated that she was reading a book.  Later, she explained that she was reading aloud to her students like her teacher.  Then, she asked if she could read to me and she did!  She did a great job reading three picture books! Definitely an improvement!” (4th grader)

“He’s not overwhelmed anymore when doing his schoolwork!” (6th grader)

We received this message from one of our 4th grade students: “I am starting to like reading because of Fast ForWord! Thank you, so much. If I hadn’t done Fast ForWord, I would not have learned to like reading. So, thank you very much for doing it with me. Thank you.”

“She is doing well. Reading skills are improving. She needs to read more independently but overall her grades have improved. Most impressive is her (working) independence. I believe your program helped her to work independently and it built her confidence.” (6th grader)

“The program has been incredibly helpful. His writing, reading, everything, he is different kid!” (4th grader)

“I wanted to let you know Blaise made first honors. He had a 95.6 average. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to you and everyone at GEMM LEARNING. I remember the first day I walked into your office crying my eyes out hoping and praying for a miracle. I always said “it was like invasion of the body snatchers.” Blaise is diligent and hard working and your program was the perfect fit. THANK YOU!!!!!!” (3rd grader)

“I love that he spends so much time reading now. He was reluctant to even go near a book last year. I was hoping that your program would help him get over his fear of reading, but it has far exceeded our expectations. He is not only an enthusiastic reader he is also ambitious, reading all kinds of books well above his grade. It’s a delight and a huge weight off my mind that I no longer have to worry about him and his reading struggles.” (3rd grader)

“He just received his latest report card. I can’t believe how he has changed. Your program was the best thing that ever happened to him. He tells everyone it changed his brain. He thanks me all the time. His teachers remark how diligent he is in his note taking. He tells me Fast ForWord taught him how to pay attention. I never thought I would see the day that he received a 100% in math on his report card. Thank you. I thank God everyday for Gemm Learning.” (4th grader)

“He was just re-tested, and there are no longer any signs of ADD or dyslexia. He is doing really well in his new school. I believe in life there are things where you get more than you pay for and things where you get less and Gemm Learning is definitely one of those things where you get more.” (10th grader)

“My daughter has been at the program for almost five months. I have seen a big improvement in all aspects of learning. Most of all her reading and understanding has been awesome. This program has been such a blessing for us that I have recommended it to a few people. My daughter has had a great time with all the games and the rewards. So, a big THANK YOU!!!!! You have given “hope” to my child.” (1st grader)

“He is now attentive in [class]. He usually needed a personal invitation to listen. 🙂 I had to stop his reading curriculum because he could no longer comprehended anything he read. It was like he hit a wall. I can now give him anything on the fifth grade reading level and his comprehension is amazing!!! He just read “A Wrinkle in Time” and got an “A” on the comprehension test. He is thoroughly enjoying novels now and he can always answer the comprehension questions. The fact that he has the stamina for sitting and reading for hours is amazing! This is such a dramatic change! He learns his spelling words more quickly now. Spelling had always been a weakness for him. I am very happy with his progress! Thank you.” (4th grader)

“In just 2 months with Gemm Learning, his reading confidence has soared, so much, that he is no longer resistant to reading and looks forward to his reading time. Prior to starting Fast ForWord 2 months ago he failed all of his spelling tests and had almost no retention of how to spell a word correctly. He could spell them phonetically but not accurately. Now he gets 100% on all of his spelling tests and the light bulb has been turned on so he can recognize the repetition of sounds in each of spelling tests.” (3rd grader)

“Fast ForWord has improved more than just reading. He is so much more stimulated by everything he sees and does. While in an art shop the other day he recognized so much more of what the art work was expressing, such as texture in the brush strokes, little nuances in the background and verbally interpreted so much into the painting that I about fell over. He is a high functioning special needs child with Cerebral Palsy. We feel it is critical for his future to fully open the joy and knowledge reading will offer him (doesn’t every parent). Gemm Learning has taken away one of our worries in such an incredible way.” (4th grader)

“Who knew getting the calls and messages from the staff at Gemm Learning would have such a therapeutic effect on us and our child? They recognize every little & big improvement our child is making and they shout it out in those calls. Your worries about your child melt away as you hear them and begin to recognize the improvements.” (5th grader)

“Since starting Fast ForWord 8 weeks ago homework and reading are no longer a battle ground filled with tears or frustration. Now he wants to get his homework done and enjoys reading each night. In just 8 weeks since starting Fast ForWord he worries a lot less and has stopped comparing himself to some of the better readers in his classroom. He knows he can read now and his friends and the volunteer parents have recognized it too.” (1st grader with cerebral palsy)

“Rachel received her first trimester 1st grade report yesterday. Her subject grades were as follows: Language Arts 97%, Reading 96%, Math 99%, Science 100%, Social Studies 100%. Plus her Diebels reading scores were OFF THE CHARTS! Based on this report card Rachel no longer needs any special intervention for her auditory processing issues as she continues to advance at a higher level than her peer group… So it was wonderful to use your service but I do not anticipate we will need Gemm Learning in the future. Thanks for all your help.” (2nd grader)

“This program has exceeded our wildest expectations. When I asked her what she wanted for Chanukah, among other things, she told me she’d give me a list of books! She is reading voraciously now. It’s a delight.” (10th grader)

“In second and third grade, our son was getting good grades (A’s and B’s), but his teachers were becoming increasingly frustrated with his inability to pay attention in class. Statements like “not learning to his full potential” and not completing his class work we’re frequent.”

“It came to a head at the end of third grade and we had him tested by the school for an attention disorder, which was confirmed. We knew he was a well behaved, bright kid and that he could be focused if he put a great deal of effort forth on it. Last summer we enrolled him in the Gemm Learning program.”

“He enjoyed the daily games at first but eventually he did have resistance to it.  We didn’t give up and he had his ups and downs regarding his feelings on it. Still we pressed though. The Gemm Learning rewards helped. The Gemm Learning program for us ended in September of last year when he started fourth grade.”

“We have kept in close contact with his fourth grade teachers on his grades and ability to pay attention in class and I am thrilled to say that this entire school year there were only positive comments! His teachers have told us he is an excellent student and that they have had no issues with him completing his class work or staying focused.”

“He has all A’s and the best part is that was achieved without any of the usual stress we had before when it was such a struggle. It has been amazing. We have asked our son a number of times during the year what he felt had changed and he has consistently said it was probably the Gemm Learning program. And this is coming from kid that was resistant to the program two weeks after he started! He really feels it made him learn how to stay focused on an activity or lesson that prior to Gemm Learning he would have dismissed.” (4th grader)

“I have spent many thousands of dollars trying to help. Gemm Learning is the first to succeed, and it is making a world of difference. My son’s confidence has grown so much, he’s making more friends and having a better social life. He’s willing to tackle things that are challenging and is better behaved at home and at school, so much so that my husband asks if this is the same kid or if someone switched him with a look alike! His teacher asked what extra stuff he is doing because she as she said, there are some huge changes taking place.” (2nd grader)

“He is actually doing remarkably well. He is now reading independently with very little assistance. He’s able to focus better and complete task on hand. He has always worked conscientiously and harder than anyone I know but had always difficulties in achieving his academic goals. I am happy to let you know that for the first time ever, he was in the honor roll last semester. I am so proud of him. And thank you Gemm Learning.” (6th grader)

“It is truly amazing. What a change in her attitude toward school. We did months of tutoring and never saw a change like we have seen since she started at Gemm Learning. (A few weeks later) We received a totally different report card I keep thinking: Are they talking about my kid? When I heard the teachers telling me how well she is doing in class. She seems so happy and more secure in school.”(2nd grader)

“I really feel it has helped K. I know K. was not always happy to do the programs daily, but I feel she has made great progress with her reading and reading comprehension. She is more focused. She is now reading The Land of Stories volume 2 and loves it!!!!!! She takes her book with her to swim meets and discusses the book and others with her friends. I really feel we never got any help from her teachers. They would just tell us to keep reading to her. We always felt there was some other disconnect. With the help of Gemm Learning team, K. is doing very well. I like being able to call and discuss the various programs with the Gemm Learning team. I liked the feedback as to when the students were doing the programs and how long they were on the computer. Your team is great!!!!” (5th grader)

(Auditory processing disorder from hearing difficulties) “I know that Brian has progressed so far as a result of your wonderful program. His reading and comprehension ability has grown so much. Best of all is his self confidence level, and his ability and want to engage in conversation with anyone who will give him the time of day, has really grown. Your program is fantastic and anyone… would do well to give Gemm Learning a try. I have never seen such a fantastic support team as you and your team. Brian has already expressed a sadness in losing Gemm. He may drop you a line from time to time, and I hope kids everywhere can profit from Gemm Learning as much as he has.” (4th grader)

“She has been doing Gemm Learning for about 2 months now. We have seen a big difference in memory, fluency in language, and confidence. She started the 6th grade this past week and she was confident enough to go to school, no fighting, no crying, no worries. We are amazed at the difference in her and so thankful for stumbling upon the Gemm website in our search for help. Today is Saturday and Mara is begging to do the program today. We told her she could do the demos and her response, “no fair, I want to do my work!” This is coming from the child who would fight us on everything, always. She is gaining so much, more in 2 months than 5 years in special education classes.” (6th grader)

“He is not as frustrated while reading. It’s still slow, and still sounding things out – but has more confidence to even try. I have noticed a difference in his PERSONAL confidence in every day life. I had spoken to a Sunday School teacher about his newly discovered disorder and our plan of action and HE mentioned to me that he interacts with the other boys differently. Not sitting by himself and being withdrawn. (Which I didn’t even know he was doing – about made me CRY!) So – YES we are noticing differences.”(3rd grader)

“Luke is continuing to do well. He’s “over the hump” so to speak. He has made huge strides this year!” (4th grade) “His reading score went up almost two full grades over summer due to Gemm Learning! Over summer, when we were more worried about him losing ground. He is still getting help at school but he is almost at grade level now and we see at home that his confidence when reading and his reading fluency is so much better that he will be out of special ed soon. I have to tell you also that he picked up a big chapter book to read! This is from a boy that before Gemm would not even look at a book.” (5th grader)

“A couple of weeks ago, she got a progress report card with marked improvement in English, Math and French. This week, she wrote a story in English class-she said hers was the longest -19 pages (not full ones of course, but still). Her teacher edited her work and there were not many mistakes in it. Today, she came home with French work that she got an A on. Her French teacher is very impressed with her progress. She is no longer sent for extra help (all weak students automatically are) in English and in French. She says she understands things much better in Math… Also, she comes home and works independently for a couple of months now whereas before I would have to spend at least 2 hours doing the work with her. I have hesitated acknowledging these changes because I have been afraid that I am mis-assessing and getting my hopes up for nothing, but it really seems to be that Fast ForWord is really helping her. Thank you so much for your continued support and for providing us with such an invaluable tool for our child.” (4th grader)

“Thanks to you and your fantastic staff support through all these months! The program and staff are amazing and she has definitely improved greatly. And we are excited to see how much further she progresses.” (2nd grader)

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“We were thrilled to find out that his reading went up almost 5 grade levels in the four months he did Gemm. We can see his reading comprehension in particular is much stronger. Even he is noticing the difference. We recommend you to everyone we know.” (11th grader)

“M. can now read, spell, rhyme… he can even do his homework independently now!!! His second quarter report card was excellent with improvement in almost all measures. I do believe Gemm Learning opened a window for him and I am forever grateful.” (2nd grader)

“She has been doing well in school; staying on A/B Honor Roll. She also just graduated from Speech and is no longer on an IEP at school.” (Parent of 2nd grader)

“Your program has been an integral part of her recovery, which is now at about 99%. Academically, her score for reading comprehension and Language Arts was 96% and 93% for the first trimester, and 96% and 97% for the second trimester. Her Math, Science and Social Studies scores were of the same order. In music, she just participated in a local regional music festival and got the highest score possible of superior for the four pieces she played at the late elementary level even though she is in the first grade. She is doing great. She is performing at the highest level in everything she does. Thanks for all your help.” (1st grader)

“He got a glowing report card this term – which I think is in in part to this program. I’m very interested in doing more over the summer.” (Parent of 3rd grader)

“For the first time ever, she got a high score on the annual standardized test. Her principal even called me to congratulate me on her achievement and told me how proud they are of her at school. I raved to him about your program.”(5th grader)

“I just wanted to let you know that she got her report card today and her marks in English, French and Math have all gone up between 5-10 percent and she no longer requires extra help at school. The teachers comments were very encouraging and Anastasia is very pleased with herself. We are very proud of her and attribute her success to Gemm Learning. Thank you so much for everything!” (5th grader)

“At the end of the school year my daughter was one of only four students (out of over 140) who won a special award for most improved socially and ACADEMICALLY. This success was all due to Gemm Learning. It has made a huge difference.” (4th grader)

“Thanks so much for the help. Again — huge kudos to you for having such an outstanding staff. Every person I have had contact with knows as much about the program as the next and I am always re-energized and excited to be using it for Stephanie. Thanks again.” (1st grader)

“He is doing very well at his new school (woohoo!).  Gemm Learning definitely helped prepare him.”  (Parent of 5th grader)

“We were pleased with the improvement in his reading while he was doing the program with Gemm last year, but now we are ecstatic. He has gone from being diagnosed with dyslexia to getting all A’s on his last report card. He actually did better than his brother which is astounding to us. Thank you so much!” (6th grader)

“It was as if the programmed games were like a pebble thrown into a pond, and the ripples generated were the generalized intellectual and behavioral results (for my autistic twin boys).” (6th graders)

“I couldn’t be more excited to see the how my son is learning and improving, not only in school but also at home as well. I’m glad to have you guys on his life. He is getting more responsible and yet having fun. Thank you for making our lives much easier with your teaching program.” (9th grader)

“At the end of the school year my daughter was one of only four students (out “He actually has one star left and he is completely done! AND he loves the rewards at Gemm City. He is very excited. Both (my husband) and I are very happy with the improvement in his reading, his focus and his confidence.” (1st grader)

“Night and day change, doing homework independently.” (5th grader)

“Notice definite difference in reading ability. It took 3-4 months, but now reading seems to flow better — more fluency and comprehension. He is able to extract info from paragraphs and answer questions with more ease. His ability used to be very choppy and inconsistent. Also, he has much more stamina to sit for long periods and remain focused.” (3rd grader)

“The other day my daughter said she needed quiet time and just wanted to read! She has never said anything like that before. Also, thanks for the info. The service from everyone has been so great. You guys are so enthusiastic!” (5th grader)

“M. can now read several of her beginner English books on her own. She puts sentences together in English and likes to translate expressions and words from French to English. Her learning curve is truly her own, she boots me out and doesn’t want me to intervene in any way, I’m allowed to look only! English classes start in grade three at her school, that means next year for her. I think these sessions are giving her more than a solid start. I also think her focus has improved this year.” (2nd grader)

“We definitely see her progress. Emily reads faster and her comprehension is much better. She can read 50 pages in one day before this was not possible.” (4th grader)

“Experience exceeded our expectations. Loved the tokens, the coaches, and the service.” (parent of 2nd grader)

“It is just amazing how much easier he seems to find following directions now. His vocabulary has grown in leaps and bounds in 1st grade and we are seeing much less resistance to reading. This program has helped our son turn the corner and I am far less worried about his future than I was before coming in.” (1st grader)

“Of all the programs we’ve tried, this was the most effective, cost was great, we saw a difference. We will speak highly of Gemm’s program and would recommend it.” (4th grader)

“I wanted to let you know that he was on the Honor Roll for every quarter last year in the sixth grade at Middle School (without paid tutors!!). I could have never imagined, during elementary school, that he would have done this well in the middle school. I do credit his time in the Fast ForWord program and thank you for giving us the opportunity to help (him) in this way. I would have never have looked into this type of program and probably would still be paying for tutors if it weren’t for Gemm. Thanks again.” (6th grader)

“She takes a reading test at school in the fall and in the spring. In the fall she was in the 40th percentile. This most recent one she scored somewhere in the high 80s. The only thing that we are doing differently is that over the Winter we did Gemm, so thank you! We owe all this to you.” (7th grader)

“Dear folks at Gemm Learning, I am very happy to report that he is now reading for fun again! I believe that your program helped him achieve this milestone event! Thanks for your program as it worked with his brain to help retrain his pathways and improve his skill levels. Autistic children face many challenges in every day life. Anything that I can do as a parent to help better equip him to face these challenges is worth it. Thanks, again.” (9th grader)

From a Gemm staff member: “My student, Anne-Marie is 28 years old. She’s been doing the program for about 2.5 months and has been working so, so hard. She told me she’s feeling much more confident in her reading and has stopped skipping words just because she doesn’t know them. She even read out loud for her mom who has noticed how much more confident she was, too. Now she doesn’t dread or avoid reading the way she once did. She’s so happy that she found Fast ForWord and wishes it was available when she was in school. Doing Fast ForWord has made her feel like she’s “finally out of the dark” and she’s glad that now when she has her own kids, she’ll be able to help them read. She’s even talking about going to college so she can advocate for special needs students. I think she’d be great!” (adult)

“He is in 1st grade and diagnosed with autism. He is an amazing little boy. His mom just came into my office to let me know that he is now pronouncing “L” blended words correctly. He used to always say “pway” for play or “reawy” for really. He is also reading from left to right and attempting to sound out words without being prompted!!!” (1st grader)

“He is fitting in so much more comfortable now and he is off his ADD medicine. He can follow the teachers, knows his homework assignments and is just a much happier kid.” (9th grader)

“He is in 1st grade. Much more talkative now, using much better words and also now starting to read much better. We are thrilled.” (1st grader)

“He has completed 22 days on the program, diagnosed with dyslexia. He felt like a failure in school. Getting him to do his homework was “a nightmare.” Yesterday, JR not only did his reading homework on his own without being prompted by mom and dad, he did it 100% correctly. He is able to write complete sentences in response to comprehension questions. Mom and dad are very, very happy with the program thus far. They plan to go as far as JR can go into the reading series. Mrs. F. remarked that out of all the programs she’s tried, she feels that this was the most effective, cost was great, she saw a difference. She said she would speak highly of the program and would recommend it.”

K’s mom stopped by my office today to let me know that Kevin is “feeling a difference” in his reading because of Gemm Learning. The other day when she asked K how things were going, he said, “I can read 3-5 pages in 5 minutes now. I couldn’t do that before!” According to mom, K has always “hated” reading… now he doesn’t mind it. She is hoping he will develop a love of reading, but for the moment she is thrilled that he is going to start the school year, at the very least, not hating it anymore.”(1st grader)

“More confidence… grades are better… using more sophisticated speech.” “Spelling much improved, reading much better, much more confident reading aloud.” (2nd grader)

“Focus at home better… reading more comfortable… developing sense of humor.” (3rd grader)

“It’s been a life changing decision to do this, for her and for our family.” (6th grader)

“Huge kudos to you for having such an outstanding staff. Every person I have had contact with knows as much about the Fast Forward program (sic) as the next and I am always re-energized and excited to be using it for my child. She always loved the games and the prizes. And the thoughtfulness with the certificates and the hand written notes were very much appreciated. Thanks again.” (3rd grader)

“Gemm’s involvement with my child has been truly wondrous and it has reaped impressive results. They have not only helped my child improve academically, but they’ve also helped her find the self confidence she needs to perform better on all levels. Because of Gemm’s dedication to excellence, their unwavering support and willingness to help students achieve, and their patience and understanding of each child’s condition, they have made a drastic difference in my child’s attitude towards learning and helped her find pride in her accomplishments.” (4th grader)

“Gemm Learning approach their tasks with a sense of challenge rather than routine, and they take the child’s curve balls and turn them into fun. When my child faced some challenges at first and found it difficult to stay focused, they were there to assist her and give her the courage she needs to keep going.” (1st grader)

“Like any commendable educator, they possess the dexterity to see the child through all the way. They encompassed every aspect of my child’s learning needs, from focusing, to effective listening, to reading and spelling with confidence. Their dedication to my child’s improvement has been truly inspiring. Thank you, Gemm Learning, for a job skillfully and admirably done.” (4th grader)

Before: “Our (14 year-old) son struggles to follow his teachers at school and he is not comfortable in day to day conversation. We worry that he is missing a lot of instruction. He, by the way, thinks he is fine.”

After: “He has made a remarkable transformation in just a few months. First, he noticed he was following instructions at a summer sports camp far more easily. He said that he wished he had done the program years ago. Now at school he is much happier and has more confidence. His school day is so much more productive as now he catches everything the teacher says.”

Before: “Our (12 year-old) daughter has struggled with her reading for years, and we are hoping this program will make reading less of a chore for her, so that homework will be less traumatic.”

After: “First we noticed that she seemed to have more confidence, and was able to follow our directions more easily. Since then her confidence has grown substantially and she has re-engaged with the family, and her social life has blossomed. She is now reading at a far higher level than before the program.”

Before: “Our (6 year-old) son has auditory processing issues that made Kindergarten a tough year for him, both in following the teachers and following instructions at home.”

After: “Within a few weeks we noticed we did not need to break instructions down into small bite sizes for him anymore. And he started to use a bunch of long words we had not heard before! A few weeks later we noticed a change in his reading. He is no longer afraid of trying to sound out words, and he has been rewarded with good success here. This is something he would not have been able to do before this program. We are expecting him to have a much more productive 1st grade year.”

Before: “He survived bone cancer two years ago. He had to endure surgery after surgery on his leg to allow his body to grow. The chemo plus the overwhelming amount of anesthesia has hurt his cognitive abilities.”

After: “I just spoke to his teacher who said he is doing well in school. She said he is able to fill a notebook page when writing now and he never wrote before. She also said that his speech teacher has noticed substantial improvement as well. She thinks Gemm Learning has helped him tremendously and said it’s amazing. I don’t feel he really needs a tutor anymore. I am very thankful and couldn’t have done it without Gemm. My other child went to a different Fast ForWord provider and I noticed a marked difference in your concern for the students and the attention you provide.”

“Thanks so much for being considerate of us and our financial needs… Your company as well as your product and your coaches are amazing, just as amazing as my daughter is doing on your program. Thank you again.” (parent)

“The Harry Potter sticker book arrived today and my daughter couldn’t be more thrilled. She read your thoughtful note as well, and really, it was a pleasure to see her face light up. She is so motivated to do the program, and your recognition of her hard work and great attitude is very meaningful, to her and to me.” (5th grader)

“Thanks so much! Your knowledge about the program and your sincere honesty is so appreciated!” “The customer service at Gemm Learning has been exceptional. Everyone has been super friendly, and very helpful. I really appreciate that! Thanks!” (parent)

“I have missed you and your calm nature…I feel like I am catching up with an old friend :). We are ready to start planning for next summer!! THANK YOU, for all you do for us. I feel like we are your only client, based on all the attention you give us, even though I know that is not true.” (parent)

“Thank you for your continued support, you have been a blessing to me as Alyson strives to be the best reader she can be. I know this skill will help her in every area of her life. That’s why I am so passionate about giving her all the help I can. Thank you again!” (10th grader)

“Thanks for all. This is a great experience which I will gladly recommend to adults or children.” (adult)

“He is doing really well and still continues to make gains. I really credit the regaining of his now very strong listening skills to this program. I’m impressed at how the exercises became more difficult so quickly… he liked the challenge. I am seeing a big difference in his memory that really suffered from the accident. And more and more he is working on his own, becoming quite independent.” (25 year old traumatic brain injury)

“He has the maturity now to do better compared to being in school and hating every moment… there’s a drive in him now to do everything better and he has an angel on his shoulder helping him out. When I think of his state one year ago and look at him now… it’s a miracle really.” Susan T., parent of 25 year old accident victim

A Life Transformed by Gemm Learning

Mayra earned the opportunity to study in Spain, where she contracted Pneumococcal Meningitis — an infection that often leads to severe brain damage causing the loss of use of entire regions of the body. Mayra’s case was no different. The doctors treating Mayra told her parents that she was clinically brain dead. Mayra lost all ability to see, speak and move and her parents had to reteach her how to chew food, stand and walk. Every aspect of her life needed to be relearned.

After a year in the hospital, Mayra recovered some of her normal functions but her cognitive and auditory processing was still severely impaired. Her neurosurgeon told Mayra’s mother that the synaptic pathways in her brain had been severed. Basically, the information was still in Mayra’s head but she could not access it.

About this time she found Gemm Learning. Several months later, after participating in Fast ForWord, as well as continuing her regular therapies, Mayra has made an astounding recovery. She is able to participate in conversation and has started reading again. Her mother is ecstatic about her recovery and is thrilled with how Gemm Learning and Fast ForWord have helped her daughter.

Incredibly, we are happy to report that Mayra now has a goal of returning to SUNY Binghamton to become a lawyer. It’s a stretch goal, but given her recent progress we think she will get there and we are proud to be part of her journey.

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