Case Studies

Case Studies Gemm LearningThe following are case studies of Gemm Learning students. Each of these students participated in at least two Fast ForWord modules.

The information in each case study comes from our students, their parents and our records. Each case study has a downloadable pdf.

We are pleased to share their stories with you.

Our Students’ Stories

Cooper is a 3rd grade student from Virginia. He is diagnosed with Mixed Receptive and Expressive Language Disorder. Cooper went from quiet to communicative in just one year. As a result, his confidence has blossomed. Read more here

Sandy is a 75 year old woman from Washington. Due to the lack of assistance during her K-12 years, she has lived with dyslexia her entire life. Sandy could have given up on her dream to read comfortably, yet she persisted. Sandy proved that hard work pays off and, most noteworthy, it is never to late to follow your dream. Read more here

Bridgette is a high school student in New Jersey. She is diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder and dyslexia. Bridgette went from a “C” student to a 4.0. As a result, reading is easier and, most importantly, enjoyable! Read more here

Elissia is a 7 year old from Florida. She is diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and dyslexia. Elissia went from a reluctant reader to an eager participant. Consequently, she found herself on the honor roll for the very first time. Read more here

Jason, a 17 year old from Georgia, is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jason improved not only his reading, but his ability to maintain focus and his overall communication skills. While he still has goals to achieve, his progress is especially noteworthy. Read more here

Against the Odds: CJ’s Triumph

CJ is a teenager who suffered a traumatic brain injury. Although the odds were not with him, he showed us all what kind of results determination and hope can bring. Read more here

Dean is a middle school student who had been diagnosed with APD.  Although he was hesitant to work through the program, his mother’s encouragement and Gemm staff support helped Dean to achieve academic success. Read more here

Mike is a firefighter who nearly had to change careers due to an auditory processing difficulty.  Thankfully, Mike’s determination to succeed kept him in his chosen profession. Read more here

Levi is a first grade student who had an extremely limited vocabulary. Upon being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder, his grandmother found Gemm Learning and Fast ForWord.  Levi worked hard for six months. As a result, his vocabulary multiplied.  Read more here

Kristopher is a high school student who struggled with executive function skills. Although he was initially reluctant to participate in our program, he put in a solid effort and achieved significant gains. Read more here

Samuel is an upper elementary student who struggled with dyslexia and ADHD.  He felt embarrassed when he had to read in front the class. Consequently, he avoided participating. Today, Samuel is reading with confidence and enjoyment.  Read more here

Connecting the Dots

Georgia is a fifth grade student who had been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. She spent one year working on our program. According to her mother, Georgia’s world has expanded and her confidence has gone through the roof!  Read more here

Amber is a sixth grade student who has fought to overcome academic struggles as well as professionals who did not recognize Amber’s amazing potential. Amber’s mother understood her daughter’s potential from the very first moment. Read more here

Benjamin is a 3rd grade student who is home schooled. He used to find reading frustrating due to auditory processing struggles. After just four months, he now reads with joy.  Read more here

David is a college student who lives with dyslexia and auditory processing difficulties. As a child he felt things just didn’t click for him. As a result, he avoided situations that made him feel uncomfortable. After 6 months on the program, David is more confident in social situations. Read more here