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How Gemm Learning Differs From Tutoring

Our brain training aims to resolve issues permanently,
tutors aim to accommodate temporarily.

There’s a place for tutoring, of course. If your child needs help with homework or next week’s test, then tutors can help.

However, it’s instruction.  It does not target the underlying difficulties that are impeding our child’s progress.

And so, no matter how much you spend on tutoring, nothing changes.  Your child’s learning impediments are worked around, not addressed.

Gemm Learning provides cognitive software and reading programs that aim to resolve learning and reading issues at their source, once and for all.

In considering brain training or tutoring, our brain-training solution is:

  1. One-Time Investment, Not Ongoing Expense
    Tutoring focuses on short-term goals — homework assignments, tests, etc.  By contrast, brain training is a one-time investment to goes after the underlying problem —  it can save thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs.
  2. Not More Of What’s Not Working
    Tutoring is more of the same — teaching the same material, albeit in a different format and/or environment. We represent a different approach.
  3. Aiming For Significant Gains
    Imagine your child without that underlying glitch. While tutoring is incremental, our goal is to tap into the power of brain plasticity, to rewire learning in a life-changing way.
  4. Engaging & Convenient
    Our software is online and convenient — there is no need to keep to the schedule of a tutor or to travel to a center. Plus the software has a computer game feel that most students like more than being tutored.

Choose a tutor when …

Your child has sound fundamental skills but has difficulty in one area, such as “getting” geometry. Some tutors have specific skills, such as Orton-Gillingham instructors. They provide individualized instruction catering to a child’s learning style, which can be helpful. However, they also tend to work around the underlying learning difficulties.

Choose Gemm when …

Most students come to us because their academic progress is being held back by a learning issue, such as:

  • Any difficulty with reading– fluency or comprehension
  • Difficulty following directions or inattentive ADD
  • A diagnosis such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorder or other language-based disabilities

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