Why Gemm Learning?

Fast Acting Reading & Learning Improvements That Last

Learning improvements for all agesTurning around a learning issue is no small undertaking. An individualized intervention like ours — managed online software for reading and learning — can get the job done at home. Your child can succeed.

Fast ForWord is amazing software. But it must be done correctly. Gemm Learning is 100% focused on Fast ForWord at home. We are with you every step of the way. Your child’s success is our mission.

Treat the underlying issue

Fast ForWord first targets the processing, phonemic awareness and related skills that cause 90% of all reading problems, and then develops vocabulary, spelling, fluency and reading comprehension.

We also build attention skills and make other learning improvements. Because all of these new reading and learning skills are used daily, the improvements endure. 96% of clients recommend us to others, primarily because our program works.

Proven science, proven service

Gemm Learning is an established service. Fast ForWord is a research-validated program backed by 240+ studies and 55 patents, used by 2+ million students in 40 countries, and Gemm Learning has been the trusted at-home provider of Fast ForWord in North America since 2006.

Online at home, but not alone

While you have the convenience of working online, you have the service of a center. Our professionals monitor every session, call regularly and are always available via phone or email. We report progress weekly, provide online student rewards, conduct occasional remote sessions, and offer online parent support resources. It’s a wrap-around approach designed to get results.

Engaging software that individualizes to your child

brain-plasticityAfter an assessment, Gemm Learning designs a personalized training program. Day to day, the software adapts, presenting a rotation of interactive exercises with a computer-game feel, creating an individualized pathway to improved learning for each participant.

Developed by leading neuroscientists

Fast ForWord harnesses neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to make learning improvements in response to stimuli,  just like a muscle, will strengthen with exercise. The value of the software is in:

  1. The learning track– the kinds of skills Fast ForWord builds generalize to help improve a range of learning abilities, and
  2. The tiny steps, the pathway, it creates to pull students up, making these learning gains possible.

Co-founder, Dr. Michael Merzenich is a thought-leader in neuroscience, while co-founder Dr. Paula Tallal was one of the first cognitive researchers to establish the link between language and reading.

Fast ForWord and more…

While Fast ForWord is our primary program, we also offer additional programs at no additional charge to assist our Gemm Learning students. Gemm students are welcome to participate in any of our offerings that are academically and developmentally appropriate for the duration of their time with us. Many students choose to participate in a math program and/or an oral fluency program.