Why Gemm Learning?

Clinical software with the convenience of home

There are four reasons to consider Gemm Learning:

  1. We’re an intervention – we treat causes, aiming to change, not accommodate
  2. Our service is individualized
  3. Our software tools are all research-backed
  4. Our exercises are engaging – to hold a child’s attention

The software is proven – the research and our success stories tell you that. However, our secret sauce is our service.  The constant monitoring, help when needed and rewards you expect at a center is part of what we deliver at home.  

Multiple solutions

Many services have only one solution. Ours is different. Each child is unique, and no single software has all the answers. That’s why Gemm Learning supports a range of interventions: Fast ForWord, ACTIVATE, BrainWare Safari, Reading Assistant Plus, DreamBox and Reflex.

If a program is not working, we have other options.

Treating causes – more effective & cheaper than tutoring

It is almost always more effective and less expensive to resolve a problem, rather than to deal with the symptoms. With tutoring, nothing changes. By treating underlying issues, Gemm Learning can be a one-time investment that can save thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs.

Improved processing is the key to learning. Language processing skills define how well we listen, read and think. But language mastery requires processing at 25 sounds a second! Not surprisingly, processing delays cause most reading and learning problems. Our software specifically targets processing and related skill delays.

Individualized service

We start with an assessment and a behavioral survey. Then, after observing a few sessions, we will develop an individualized learning program plan.  We monitor every session, and if help is needed, we will see it in on our dashboard and will reach out to help you. 

Every student has a unique experience, working on the skills they most need to improve. 

By engaging the student click after click in quick succession at the high level, the software creates intensity that progresses skills in each session.  It helps that the software is adaptive — if an exercise is too hard, the program will slow down or get simpler for a while, before advancing again.

Researched by leading universities

All of our programs are research-validated.  Fast ForWord, for instance, was peer-reviewed at Stanford University, UCSF Medical Center and many other leading institutions.  And the Nevada Department of Education ranked it the most effective of 24 well-known reading programs tested in a recent 2-year study.

Furthermore, our software incorporates neuroscience principles:

  • Frequency
  • Intensity – adaptivity keeps a student pushing a student forward
  • Shaping —  making progress in tiny, connected steps

Our programs also incorporate natural learning science, a discovery-based approach that appeals to children and helps daily improvements stick.

Engaging for children

A learning program is of no use if your child does not do it!  engaging learning solutionsLet’s face it, tutoring can be boring. Word lists, passive listening, the agony and indignity of having to read out loud. Your child would rather play video games.

The neuroscientists and game developers of our software had to design entertaining exercises that keep students coming back. Most students are asked to work 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week — this is a challenging routine if your child is not enjoying it.

And so the exercises have all the features of computer games — points and levels, interactivity and sounds to signal success, all designed to encourage the intensity of effort required to keep your child engaged even as the games get more challenging. 

Furthermore, the software is adaptive, working in your child’s gently-progressing “sweet spor.” Consequently, many parents tell us their child says he is “good at Gemm Learning,” a sentiment we love to hear because of the confidence it builds.

Math facts program at no charge

Many of our children struggle with math facts. And so while you are with us – being supervised and supported – it’s a great opportunity to add in 10-15 minutes of math fact practice.  Children love the games that aim to automate at least one math fact in every session.

“”My child struggled with reading all her early years in school. By 5th grade I knew something was very wrong… and worried she was just going to stay at a 3rd grade reading level forever. I found GEMM LEARNING and we talked a lot before I signed her up. Now, in 8th grade she is reading at a 10 grade level and her dyslexia continues to get better! GEMM LEARNING changed her life!” 

Noor J.

Parent of 6th grader


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