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Because our programs are adaptive – looking for gaps and weaknesses and then exercising to proficient –  we address a wide range of issues, including:

Gemm Learning programs have a computer game feel. The protocols are typically 3-5 days a week, 30 minutes/day. Our service includes a baseline assessment to start, regular coaching calls from our support team, weekly reports and incentives for your child.

Why we believe we can help

Our programs – primarily Fast ForWord – work on deep-seated language, cognitive and reading delays that hold so many children back. We use a range of exercises – 40+ in 12 programs – to create individualized protocols to meet each child’s unique needs. We are:

  • An intervention – aiming for enduring change
  • Full service – with you at home every step of the way

The goal is to break cycles of learning frustration, to help children become confident and independent learners.

The fastest way to deal with a problem…

It’s always better to address a problem at its source, rather than work (tutor) around it year after year.

If a child cannot process at natural language speed, reading and learning problems are likely. Tutoring and other accommodations can help short term, but the underlying learning constraints remain untouched. Yes, your child’s processing is gradually maturing, but is it soon enough to make the most of the school years?

It’s a one-time investment that could save thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs. Our students average 2+ years of reading gain in 4-6 months.

Start by finding out where your child stands.

Targets specific learning and reading skills

Our quick-fire exercises use the sounds of language and neuroscience principles to help the brain mature its learning on a faster trajectory. We start with Fast ForWord, 50+ different exercises that target:

  • Cognitive skills, e.g., processing, attention, working memory
  • Reading skills, e.g.,fluency, vocabulary, comprehension
  • HIgher level skills, e.g., critical thinking, executive function, metacognition.

Gemm Learning designs a unique exercise plan for each student. Most spend a few weeks on foundational learning and reading skills before moving to the reading fluency and comprehension exercises.  The program is adaptive, meaning students spend time in the exercises most likely to help them.

We prepare a student for reading by resolving cognitive skill gaps and then move to reading exercises, remediating bad habits. For instance, many children don’t read left to right, but rather pick out words they recognize. Once the cognitive skills are in place, every word is recognizable – reading left to right is doable. And so we have an exercise that retrains students to read left to right.

Individualized & adaptive

After an assessment and review, we develop an individualized learning program plan for each child.

Furthermore, Fast ForWord exercises are adaptive. If an exercise is too hard, it slows down or get simpler, before advancing again.

Every student has a unique protocol and a unique experience in each adaptive program, quickly advancing in skills they have already mastered and spending time on the skills they most need to improve.

Engaging for children

engaging learning solutionsLet’s face it, tutoring can be boring. Word lists, passive listening, the agony and indignity of having to read out loud. Your child would rather play video games.

30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week is a challenging routine if your child is not enjoying it.

And so the exercises have the features of computer games — points and levels, interactivity and sounds to signal success, all designed to encourage the intensity of effort required to keep your child engaged even as the games get more challenging.

Furthermore, the adaptive nature of the software means that while always pressing forward, children do not get stuck. Many parents tell us their child says he is “good at Gemm Learning,” a sentiment we love to hear because of the confidence it builds.

Math facts program at no charge

Many of our children struggle with math facts. And so while you are with us – being supervised and supported – it’s a great opportunity to add in 10-15 minutes of math fact practice.  Children love the games that aim to automate at least one math fact in every session.

“We noticed the difference in his confidence and his reading… on the first day back to school, the learning resource teacher emailed and said, ” Whatever we did over summer was amazing!”

Catherine K.

Parent of 6th grader


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