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When to Choose Gemm Learning

Is your child falling behind with no sign of catching up?  Or do you dread homework battles?  And tutoring had not made much difference.

Then it’s time to consider Gemm Learning. 

No amount of tutoring will help if your child is not processing efficiently.  We start there, by exercising processing and related cognitive skills – removing impediments to progress. Then, amazing changes are possible. 

How It Works

Gemm Learning is a 6-9 month learning intervention that adapts to your child’s needs.   We create individualized protocols, choosing a sequence of  Fast ForWord software exercises that focus on cognitive and reading skills, fundamentals first, then reading comprehension. Our goal is to break the cycle of learning frustration, to help your child become a confident and independent reader and learner.

Our students average 2+ years of reading gain in ~6 months, with continued growth after program completion.

96% of clients say they recommend us. Read what parents say here

Who We Help

Because our software reaches deep-seated skills, we help:

Gemm Learning programs have a computer game feel. The protocols are typically 3-5 days a week, 30 minutes/day. Our service includes a baseline assessment to start, regular coaching calls from our support team, weekly reports and incentives for your child.

The fastest way to deal with a problem… It’s always better to address a problem at its source, rather than work (tutor) around it year after year. It’s a one-time investment that could save thousands of dollars in future tutoring costs.

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“We noticed the difference in his confidence and his reading… on the first day back to school, the learning resource teacher emailed and said, ” Whatever we did over summer was amazing!”

Catherine K.

Parent of 6th grader