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Engaging Exercises

A learning program is of no use if your child does not do it!

engaging learning solutionsLet’s face it, tutoring can be boring. Word lists, passive listening, the agony and indignity of having to read out loud. Your child would rather play video games.

Our engaging cognitive software will be a very different experience for your child. While it is intensive — it has to be to get results — our software is presented in a computer game format that children love.

Learning exercises children enjoy

The neuroscientists and game developers of our software had to design entertaining exercises that keep students coming back. Most students are asked to work 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week — this is a challenging routine if your child is not enjoying it.

And so the exercises have all the features of computer games — points and levels, interactivity and sounds to signal success, all designed to encourage the intensity of effort required to keep your child engaged even as the games get more challenging. It is this effort that creates the opportunity to make a substantial difference in your child’s life.

50+ cognitive and reading exercises

Fast ForWord has 50+ games, organized into 10 age-appropriate cognitive and reading programs. Gemm Learning provides these engaging learning solutions in a customized sequence, depending on your child’s needs and goals.

Most students work solely on cognitive and language exercises to start, reading fluency and comprehension exercises later. Based on extensive research, our exercises are designed to strengthen cognitive skills, reading, test taking and more.

Adaptive learning

Fast ForWord is adaptive, meaning children do not get the sense that the program is too hard, or that they are stuck. It adds speed and complexity in tiny, incremental steps, gradually pulling your child up to ever higher levels of achievement in each session. Consequently, many parents tell us their child says he is “good at Gemm Learning,” a sentiment we love to hear because of the confidence it builds.

Online and offline rewards

Gemm Learning compliments the online games with Gemm City, an online rewards website where children are able to earn virtual and real prizes as a reward for their efforts. Our service also includes sending out certificates by mail to our students as a way to celebrate their success with their family and friends.

Additional programs at no charge

Along with our Fast ForWord program, we offer math, oral fluency and additional cognitive training modules at no additional charge while a student is participating in a Gemm Learning program.