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Individualized Learning Program

With remote personal oversight from professionals

individualized training programOur individualized learning program provides a customized sequence of cognitive software and reading programs, using software that adapts to every click. Every student has a unique experience, working on the skills they most need to improve.

Customized to your child

We start with an assessment and a behavioral survey. Then, after observing a few sessions, we will develop an individualized learning program plan that targets a range of reading and learning efficiency goals, according to your child’s needs.

Every session is productive

By adjusting to every click, our software creates an individualized path through the software working on the each student’s most pressing needs. Your child will not “get stuck” — if an exercise is too hard, the program will slow down or get simpler for a while, before advancing again.

Because the software is adaptive, it also means most of a student’s work occurs at his sweet spot, at the edge of his ability. By engaging the student click after click in quick succession at the high level, the software creates intensity that leads to the creation of new neural pathways.

These new connections represent steady incremental improvements in processing, working memory, attention, sequencing or reading skill in each session, that over a period of weeks add up to a profound rewiring of learning and reading skills.

Home-based interventions need oversight

Our individualized learning program is not only about the software. Our program managers are a huge part of why our outcomes far exceed do-it-yourself software. They are personal trainers as well as supervising professionals, there to answer any question, large or small. They will move mountains to provide a positive home-based experience for you and your child, each and every day.