fast forword neuroscientists

Developed By Neuroscientists

Validated by 240+ research studies

When the work of the four Fast ForWord neuroscientists intersected, their collaboration proved that the cognitive processes that cause language and reading problems could be identified — and permanently improved. That led to the development of Fast ForWord software.

A collaboration of scientific disciplines

Dr. Michael Merzenich

Dr. Michael Merzenich

The Fast ForWord co-founders are at the forefront of their respective fields of education and neuroscience; brain plasticity; auditory, developmental language, and reading impairments; psychology; and behavioral algorithms. The resulting collaboration — four cognitive programs and six reading programs, Fast ForWord — has now helped 2+ million students in 42 countries.

Researched by leading universities

Fast ForWord is one of the most investigated learning programs in existence. Prestigious educational institutions including Stanford University and UCSF Medical Center are among the 250 institutions that have studied Fast ForWord and found it to be an effective reading and learning intervention. The Nevada Department of Education ranked it the most effective of 24 well-known reading programs tested in a recent 2-year study.

Based on established neuroscience principles

The Fast ForWord neuroscientists developed the program using a working model about how the brain works and how it can be coaxed to change. It incorporates the neuroscience principles of frequency, intensity and shaping, making progress in tiny, connected steps. It also incorporates natural learning science, a discovery-based approach that makes the software more engaging and helps daily improvements stick.