Individualized Service

Our service philosophies are to  “individualize” and to “work together with parents.”

  1. We start by learning about your child – history, likes and dislikes
  2. We create an individualized plan
  3. Then we are with you every step of the way

It’s the convenience of being at home without giving up the guidance you expect at a center. Our software is powerful, but only works if it’s used properly. And that’s where service is key.

Once you join the Gemm Learning family, your success is our success, your problems are our problems. We do this together.

Our Why

First, everyone in Gemm Learning is either an educator or has been the parent of a struggling learner. Gemm Learning was founded to make these amazing interventions affordable and effective at home. That requires service passion and individualized attention, and it’s why we work here.

Second, we do see miracles, profoundly life-changing success stories We know the effort is worth it. And so we press, we move mountains — whatever it takes — to keep you on track to give you every opportunity to get the results you are hoping for. 

Third,  we know how to do this.  Gemm Learning has been serving families at home since 2006.  We have learned a few things over the years about supporting families at home.  Furthermore, our service staff are educators, they understand your child’s needs.

Therefore, it’s not really a surprise that our service is successful (remember, 2+ years of gain) and well regarded (remember, 96% of clients recommend us).  You can trust us. You will be in the hands of professionals who want nothing less than astounding and complete success for you or your child. More about our team here.

Individualizing Service – Details

Starting out we gather as much information about your child as we can.  Parents will send us prior assessments, we have them fill in a behavioral survey, they tell us their concerns and share their hopes for their child. And we start with a reading assessment.

In addition, we learn a lot from observing how a student interacts with the different cognitive exercises each day. What is hard, what is not. This helps us build a picture of each child and informs our protocol plan. 

Once a routine is established, our professionals use analytics and detailed reports to monitor activity daily. In addition, they act as a mentor and coach, encouraging you and your child to stick with the protocols to get the rewards this software offers.

  • We see every student click (and error) remotely
  • Our staff has years of experience monitoring remotely
  • We reach out immediately if we see issues

We are in this together. If you need extra help, we will run virtual one-on-one sessions, we can make protocol adjustments and we have a ton of exercise-specific recommendations.

We also send out achievement certificates at milestones and run an online support group. Finally, we provide incentives at our online rewards website, Gemm City.

Read more about our process here.


9.6 of 10 parents recommend us to others.

“Gemm Learning was amazing with their customer service. They called us every couple of days the first week we started the program. Then we got weekly reports and phone call reports about every two or three weeks.

My daughter used the program for nine months. It really did work for her. She had trouble reading because she wasn’t processing the sounds correctly and could not sound out words or rhyme. It helped her tremendously, and now she isn’t having any troubles. I highly recommend using Gemm Learning if you do plan to use Fast ForWord. It is somewhat pricey, but it was worth every penny!”

Ashley W.

Parent of 3rd Grader



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