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Christine Robinson
Education Consultant

Background/Education: I have a Masters Degree in Business and a BS in Marketing. I spent 15 years as a Consultant/Customer Relations Manager in the technology industry before switching careers and joining Gemm. I actively pursued a position with Gemm as a result of the tremendous results it provided my children who were diagnosed with autism and dyslexia.

More about me: I am a happily married mom of a 14-year-old and 11-year-old boy, and have two beautiful Australian Shepherds. I am an avid runner. My personal experiences parenting children with different learning disabilities have provided me a great deal of understanding and empathy to effectively support the families Gemm works with. I find it incredibly rewarding when I hear the excitement and joy in the voices of Gemm parents when they start to see positive results for their children.

What I want to be when I grow up: Too many things, I can’t decide on just one: volcanologist, neuroscientist, educational psychologist, athletic trainer for one of my favorite sports teams, oceanographer, Olympic athlete, zoologist, camp director on a Hawaiian island…

When I’m not at work: I spend much of my time between my boys’ sports schedules. I run as often as possible as I consider running my antidote to a healthy mind. I love to read, spend time outdoors with our aussies, devote time to my Chicago sports teams, and appreciate all the time I can get with family and friends.