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Pricing varies primarily by program length, which varies by diagnosis and student goals.

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Our program is more affordable than most in-center learning interventions and being a one-time program, it can save thousands in future tutoring costs which tend to be ongoing. More on our value proposition here

FL, IN, AZ, NC and other states have funding for learning programs at home. Gemm Learning is an approved provider in most cases – more on state programs here.  For ideas on other other financial aid options here.

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“The other day my daughter said she needed quiet time and just wanted to read! She has never said anything like that before. Also, thanks for the info. The service from everyone has been so great. You guys are so enthusiastic!” 

Mary J.

Parent of 5th grader

“Gemm Learning is the first to succeed, and it is making a world of difference. My son’s confidence has grown so much, he’s making more friends and having a better social life. He’s willing to tackle things that are challenging and is better behaved at home and at school, so much so that my husband asks if this is the same kid or if someone switched him with a look alike! His teacher asked what extra stuff he is doing because she as she said, there are some huge changes taking place.”

Michele N.

Parent of 2nd grader

“My college age son has seen such gains from this program. He says he finds reading more comfortable and less exhausting. He has a heavy workload this semester and says this has made a huge difference to his college experience.

He texted me from a plane on his way back to college yesterday. He said he was too busy reading to talk!”

College Student

21 years old