About Our Pricing

Our programs are customized to meet the needs of each student. Pricing varies according to the time and intensity required.

red_check-mark2 - 25x25 Payment options to fit many budgets

red_check-mark2 - 25x25 A one-time investment.

red_check-mark2 - 25x25 Clinical software with personal, professional oversight.

Most students see significant gains in 3-4 months. Some stay longer to complete all available material. Call for details or request fees here.

Our Value Proposition

boy-at-laptop-300x200Our program costs about the same as a tutor. However, while tutoring expenses are ongoing, ours is a one-time program with enduring gains.

Our Guarantee

If, after six months of service, you do not see results and there are no measurable gains in our post testing, we will provide three months of BrainWare Safari free of charge.
More on our guarantee

Other Pricing and Payment Options

While most clients pay monthly, we have prepay discounts and affordable installment plan options.

Two Week Trial

Though it is rare for families to cancel our service, we want our families to be comfortable with the packages they choose. If you cancel our service within the first 14 days, we will provide a full refund.

Your Next Step

To learn more about our fees and how we can help your child, call now or email us here.